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  1. Yeah, no. Recall that the 1st meg (plus 64K) on a PC (real mode) was fundamentally different from any other memory, and the only place you can run executables. Most often, the challenge was freeing up enough of that space for the program under consideration. Memory managers handled mapping the above 1 meg ram so that programs could access it (really just horrible bank switching or copying...) . They also exploited 'empty' spaces above 640k, but below 1 meg, for small things like mouse drivers. It wasn't plug and play, and it wasn't a lot of fun. For a challenge, get Doom running under DOS on a 4 meg machine, oh, and you'll need Lantastic to support your ArcNet cards..... Better than chip, fast, slow, whatever? Probably, but it wasn't "just run this magic program and it will all work" either. Full disclosure, I came from 6502 and 68K, and you'll never convince me that segmented memory is anything other than an abomination unto mankind 😀 I remember having to learn about and choose from the 6 different memory models that Borland C supported... 'fun' times.....
  2. I have a Rigol 1054Z that I really like for most go to things, along with an old HP 54645D MSO.
  3. OK, cool. Finishing up a VT100 terminal respin, I'll look at this next
  4. So, to clarify what is desired... box thingy that you plug in a standard PC keyboard and mouse (PS/2, or possibly USB), which then plugs into the keyboard port on the Mega ST/STe systems?
  5. Bit of an oddball thing to check (since the symptoms aren't the norm): Roalnd in their infinite wisdom has the DC in jack wired as center negative, where most of the sane world has center positive. I've repaired quite a bit of Roland stuff where someone has plugged in a center pos adapter. Normally that takes out the protection diode and that's all, sometimes it is worse. Is the adapter the correct one for the MT-32?
  6. No, no, no, a thousand times, NO. When I get new minions, I tell them I want comments that describe what they were thinking, what they intended the code to do. Any idiot can read the code and deduce what it does, the question becomes, is that what it was supposed to do.
  7. One other very useful tool: https://parcelsapp.com/en crawls many many tracking portals to give you as much info as possible.
  8. Could try looking on the Suzy-B software CDs. They used contact me about my shareware titles on GEnie to get permission to include them on their discs.
  9. I have no words. Rest well Curt.
  10. That's nuts. Fandal puts a lot of work into keeping our systems relevant.
  11. Sadly no, I do have a screenshot from an emulator when I ported to java years and years ago, but the original source and such are on a dead hard drive. 😢
  12. Used some GFA Basic back in the day, eventually started adding some asm routines before jumping ship to C. It's a really good BASIC implementation, and as others have noted, some commercial games were made with it. Back in the day I did a Dr. Mario clone (#1 on Genie for 8 weeks... woohoo) it was in GFA Basic.
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