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  1. poobah


  2. MiSTer is really nice, lots of active development on the base system, as well as the various cores. There are also periodic updates and new addon boards, the schematics are open source, so anyone with the needed skill can build boards. I've been building addon boards for almost a year now, you can find out more at the atari-forum thread, or visit my website at www.legacypixels.com/mister
  3. Accurate for 720k drives. Can't speak to shoe-horning in a 1.44 as detailed, quite nicely, on the webpage. Cheers
  4. How about an Ensoniq SoundscapeDB wavetable daughterboard?
  5. ...which is just a leeetle bit alive....
  6. Yes, if the drive needs all the current, it won't work, but the computer won't be damaged, that's all i was saying. Strange to put drivers on some signals but not others.
  7. Sure whatever. I'm glad you found a solution to your drive issue.
  8. You know, there's difference between "may not work in this particular application" and "completely wrong". Current limiting resistors are pretty common on signal lines. The original problem as stated "...damage PSG chip (what gives drive and side selection signals) - because pull much more current on those lines" True, it is possible the drive may not detect the signals, which is addressed by the solution you came up with, but the ST won't be damaged.
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