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  1. One other very useful tool: https://parcelsapp.com/en crawls many many tracking portals to give you as much info as possible.
  2. Could try looking on the Suzy-B software CDs. They used contact me about my shareware titles on GEnie to get permission to include them on their discs.
  3. I have no words. Rest well Curt.
  4. That's nuts. Fandal puts a lot of work into keeping our systems relevant.
  5. Sadly no, I do have a screenshot from an emulator when I ported to java years and years ago, but the original source and such are on a dead hard drive. 😢
  6. Used some GFA Basic back in the day, eventually started adding some asm routines before jumping ship to C. It's a really good BASIC implementation, and as others have noted, some commercial games were made with it. Back in the day I did a Dr. Mario clone (#1 on Genie for 8 weeks... woohoo) it was in GFA Basic.
  7. I've had good luck (knock on wood) with both PCBWay and JLCPCB. One useful quirk of JLCPCB is they are associated with LCSC. If you have a PCB order with JLC, then go over to LCSC for some components, they will give you a decent discount on faster shipping. On the down side, best pony up for DHL or fedex, or you will be waiting for a while on your boards.
  8. Hi all, With Tenox's blessing, I've done a small run of his excellent ECL2VGA adapters. "An adapter that allows to run TT High (1280x960) on a standard VGA LCD Panel is now available for sale. It essentially replaces TTM 19x monitors on a standard flat panel." You can get more details at my website Legacy Pixels Shop
  9. If there's still time, I'll do 10
  10. Some keys left over from a Humble Bundle purchase Company of Heroes 2 Bioshock Remastered FTL
  11. ^ THIS!!!! I can't count the number of old world Macs I've seen damaged/destroyed by leaking PRAM batteries.
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