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  1. If there's still time, I'll do 10
  2. Some keys left over from a Humble Bundle purchase Company of Heroes 2 Bioshock Remastered FTL
  3. ^ THIS!!!! I can't count the number of old world Macs I've seen damaged/destroyed by leaking PRAM batteries.
  4. The correct part number is C103067. It adds a 16 MHz MC68881 Floating Point Chip to the system.
  5. I was looking over the board, its an odd technology assortment.
  6. Aluminum block Caddy V8.... you won't be sorry =D
  7. "Grasshopper, you must learn patience" "Yeah, Yeah, patience.... How long will that take?"
  8. poobah


  9. MiSTer is really nice, lots of active development on the base system, as well as the various cores. There are also periodic updates and new addon boards, the schematics are open source, so anyone with the needed skill can build boards. I've been building addon boards for almost a year now, you can find out more at the atari-forum thread, or visit my website at www.legacypixels.com/mister
  10. Accurate for 720k drives. Can't speak to shoe-horning in a 1.44 as detailed, quite nicely, on the webpage. Cheers
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