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  1. This is very sad news, my first computer was a ZX Spectrum with rubber keys, had so much fun on that thing and learned a little about programming too. His computers were affordable and brought IT to millions of people and many of them no doubt ended up working in the field (as I did) largely due to him and others like him. RIP, and my condolences to those that knew him.
  2. @pixelmischief yes, perhaps some help is needed. That said, I will follow in that need if I buy a Falcon soon. @Mathy, would love to go but I am away for work that week. Perhaps see you at another event. I have a tent, ready and waiting for some hackerish type meetings.
  3. After about 30 years, I bought my 800xl on there a few months back. At the same time I also got a SDrive Max. Above all, I am having quite a lot of fun reliving old memories and doing some programming again.
  4. Windows 2000 was probably the most stable version of Windows I had, until later updates to 10. At the start 10 was not always a pleasant experience.
  5. My general experience, was some years ago.. Running one programme such as Papyrus (a nice WP) was 99% of the time problem free. The usual problems arose when running desktop accessories or trying pre-emptive multitasking. You are probably right though that some of this is down to demos or badly written ST software. All that said, I still liked the machine.
  6. Yes, my flame war comment was more about me potentially starting one, not what anyone had said before. As for crashing, don't get me wrong I like the Falcon but as Zzip said above, it was far from stable. That said Windows 3.1 was terrible, Windows 95 was a more positive experience.. Not perfect though. Going from (distant) memory, my overall experience of it was that the Falcon was a nice piece of kit but the OS just resulted in too many bombs. For me that was the worst part of the experience.
  7. Thanks for all your replies. I don't regret getting rid of it at the time, the PC was a better piece of kit by that point and was actually useful, I can feel the flame war. Sadly, what I needed to do was simply not available on the Atari, plus the game choice was very limited. Unless you were willing to just play ST stuff which kind of negated the point of the Falcon. I had actually bought my Falcon used from a software company which gave up doing Falcon development. I cannot remember their name now but they had a few titles around at the time. It is also sad to say, but Windows 95 was more stable that the mess that was the Falcon in terms of OS (more flames now I am sure). I have been messing around with electronics kits and robotics for the Raspberry pi. These are standard off the shelf kits, with anything from LEDS through the sonar and infrared etc. The idea was to do similar things on the Falcon, I have messed around a bit with this via the joystick port on the 800XL I have too to undertake similar projects. I guess the slightly better chipset on the Falcon should make some more advanced things possible.
  8. Thanks, this is useful. I was recently playing around the the joystick ports and some LEDs, this would have made it easier.
  9. Until '96' I had a Falcon, with the stock 4mb, HD and maths co-pro. I sold it with loads of dev software and games for about 500 quid.... enough (I hate to admit it) to buy a PC so that I could get through uni. These days I have seen them sell for about 1300-1900 Euro, this I find high.. I just wondered, what is a fair price for such a beast? Also, is it worth buying one or are the emulators good enough to get an almost full hardware experience? While I liked the machine, I have to say the messy OS situation was a major downer, it was frankly unstable. The hardware was, however, fantastic. My primary interest is to explore programming on it and perhaps to experiment with some hardware projects, much as I do with the 8-bits.
  10. Thanks for this demo. It is impressive to see so many players with so much color. Also, the frame rate remains high. I shall have to figure out how to do similar things myself.
  11. Hello, I have been playing around mainly with FastBasic and some limited assembler (mainly WUSDN tutorials). I have had some success playing with display lists, so excuse the perhaps silly question. So far all the demos I've seen only use the display list to change the background colour, and not any of the foreground colors (to increase the overall number of screen colours). The only way I can see to get potentially may colours "on screen" is to use page flipping, or have I misunderstood how display lists (interrupts) work? I am mainly using Antic Mode 4 with character set mods to achieve the results on screen. Ideally, having more colours via changing what is available on a (character) line by line basis. The machine being used is a stock 800XL, so no fancy mods! All other aspects seem quite straight forward e.g. sprites. So thanks to the many excellent pages online including Atariprojects etc. A (for now) still a newbie
  12. Thanks, yes I noticed this already, so a few resistors were put in reduce the voltage.
  13. Hello, I started out doing some electronics tutorials with a Raspberry PI, and now I am trying to do so on the Atari 800XL. So far I have had some success using the joystick port, but I was wondering if anyone can recommend some good online tutorials or info? So far I figured something out via Mapping on the Atari.. but need a little more. A while ago I came across some materials, but either the site has gone or my Google search terms are not quite accurate enough.
  14. The Sophia solutions look very good, but if I am correct they all require some internal modifications and perhaps also the casing. I would prefer (if possible) solutions which don't do that. However, if there are no realistic alternatives then it is also a way to go. A secondary issue is the fun of building something.
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