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  1. I actually had this sealed and opened it up when the shrink wrap started putting pressure on the box. At that point I just had to play it and yeah, not a great port. Disappointing even.
  2. I'm surprised Dragon's Lair and Escape from Monster Manor aren't on there. Back in the days these two games were demo'ed everywhere I saw 3DO. Hell the only 3 games I owned in 94-95 were Crash n Burn (as the FZ-1 pack-in), Dragon's Lair and Total Eclipse. TE was demo'ed on the Crash n Burn disc so I guess many people like me made it their first purchase after the initial console/games. And Dragon's Lair was a recognizable license.
  3. Yeah it's pretty rare. Not even ebay will guarantee you a quick copy. Public sales are too few and far in between to reliably estimate its value, I would auction it off on eBay and hope for the best since it's not a particularly interesting title. Hard core collectors might want it.
  4. Real men play Batman Returns. People who say Battletoads on NES is a hard game have never played Batman Returns on Lynx. I played Robo Squash for the first time the other day and I really liked it.
  5. Still a better review than Game Sack's. You can tell he had to dig deeper in order to make valid points about the games he played. Most other 3DO reviews are summed up here: "Road Rash is great, LOL FMV is shit." This is another one where Crash n Burn is said to handle poorly...I don't get it. Am I the only one who can play Crash n Burn? The controls are reliable and so the car's movement is predictable. I really don't recall there being that big of a learning curve there.
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