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  1. ok well it has been about a month since i have been on atariage and have found a few bits and peices so here goes: $275au the lot: 2 N64 console and 41 loose carts 1 Sega Mega Drive 1 console 3 Sega Mega Drive 2 consoles 113 Sega Mega Drive Boxed carts Boxed Mega Drive Universal Adapter 4 Sega Master System Boxed carts 8 Master System Controls and 1 Boxed control stick 4 Snes consoles 37 Loose Snes carts 1 boxed SNES cart Pretty Good Find!!! Sega Megadrive 1 Console 1 Loose cart 6 PS One carts $4au the lot 8 Boxed Master System Carts $2au each PSX console $3au 3 loose Atari 2600 carts $0.50 each 6 N64 carts $2au each That is what i can remember at the momement
  2. in the last week i have found 3 PS one games $2au each 5 PS 2 games $40au Boxed N64 with 2 carts $10au Atari 2600 4 switch + 8 carts, Hanimex pong system and PS one for $20au 6 NES Famicom carts and adapter, Wico joystick , 2 sms controllers $17au 8 boxed Sega Mega Drive carts $10au
  3. Does anyone know where i can pick up a replacement charger for the game boy micro in australia? thanx
  4. i would have to agree with the tac 2 or wico boss controllers
  5. once or twice a week depending when i get time. usually for one or two hours
  6. In australia i remember carts costing $79.99au they were just as expensive as todays games
  7. today i found: Atari Lynx II with Carry bag + charger, Commando cart Atari 2600, and ps one gun all for $6au Sega Mega Drive 2 console with 15 boxed games - $20au 7 Playstation Memory cards - $2au each Boxed Atari 2600 Jr Console, Nintendo 64 Console, Act Labs RS Playstaion Steering Wheel and pedals, Boxed Game Boy Car Adaptor All for $10au Small Playstation Madcatz steering wheel and pedals $6au Good Day!
  8. On sunday i scored myself 4 sega master system 2 consoles, 2 light phasers, 3 control sticks and a bunch of control pads and other joysticks as well as 62 boxed games all for $80au. Today i Found: PSX console -$2au Sega Mega Drive 1 Console + 2 loose carts, and a Game Boy Micro with Rayman all For $10au.
  9. the atari portfolio was released in australia as well. as for power supplies i am in the same boat i have heaps of systems without power supplies.
  10. there is a lot of this happening here in australia with nintendo ds games they are popping up eveywhere.
  11. got three ps one game for $2 a piece commons though
  12. very sad last week only found one game that was mega man II for the game boy for $1au
  13. got an atari 7800 console complete yesterday for $3au
  14. on sunday picked up a sega master system 2 console and two boxed games for $3au
  15. fortnight ago i got 4 intellivision consoles and 34 boxed games, 2 nes consoles and 3 loose carts and 2 boxed sms carts for $30au couldn't beleive my eyes. all from one op shop
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