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  1. @leech I totally agree with you but with a twist. The 1200XL can be the nearly perfect Atari workstation with a little bit of help. Upgrade the video to clean it up and replace R63 with a 0 Ohm device to enable some SIO devices. Done! The design of the machine is beautiful. Perfect width, depth, and height ratio. The keyboard is tappity slick. Sometimes the cartridge port feels a little awkward but I use it so rarely that it’s kind of a “don’t care” for me.
  2. There's a modified 1200XL on eBay. It's not mine. Atari 1200xl 8-bit Computer {256k RAMBO} {Clearpic 2002} {BASIC} {XL-OS} Tested | eBay The 1200XL seems to be gathering lots of attention lately with auctions ending at what seem to be high prices. Let's see where this one finishes.
  3. I think some of us have felt something like this for something, either the Atari ecosystem, a hobby, a sport, etc. It may be part of our personality in that our focus and attention is binary. Either we are switched on and running red hot or it's completely dead to us. A former co-worker of mine (he's retired) had it real bad especially since he would move from one hobby to another. He called it serially monogamous hobbies. When he was young he was 100% into club automotive racing. He had a Camaro that he overanalyzed and raced as if he was a pro. Then he sold the Camaro and got into club motorcycle racing. After that it was firearms. Then it was backpacking. Then he got into economics and finances. Then ... I think you get the point. I think of my passions as a flame. They can flare up, they can flicker, and they can also flame out. The flames that smolder burn may burn colder but they can burn longer. Remember that old flamed out fires can be quickly revived compared to something cold that never burned. Acquisition is a thrill because it feels like a hunt, doesn't it? Receiving the acquisition is satisfying because it fills a hole or void. But remember, in the end it's just "stuff" and it doesn't care about anyone or anything. At some point, and I'm not sure where that point is, it can become hoarding. In order to myself in check, I always try to come up with a purpose for owning something. For example, my 1200XL is my workstation, my 800 is the 4-player family game machine, and my 65XE is for PAL software. A spare or two is certainly OK when you consider this hardware is no longer being made but be careful with too many spares too. I also keep myself in check when shopping by asking myself how much better off would I be if I took these XX dollars and invested instead. That $200 accessory today could be a $1000 dividend paying stock in 20 years! To each their own, I suppose. Ok, I'm done with my armchair psychology.
  4. It looks like it will be a colossal effort to post even a fraction of that for sale. I'm sure all of us will be watching the forum for any and all posts you make. Good luck, sir!
  5. Nothing wrong with owning one of everything.
  6. I tried making an offer. Auto-rejected! Can you believe that?! 😅
  7. Could it be you just have a bad keyboard with a faulty interface or bad cable connection to the motherboard? You said your computer freezes at the desktop. What if you ran some sort of demo that auto-booted from a floppy disk image? Would the demo freeze midway through loading?
  8. Try reseating the chips. Pull them out carefully and put them back in. I wish you could run a memory tester like YAART. Maybe you have bad memory that is causing the CPU to hang.
  9. Depending on your location, $45 isn't too bad. That's going to be a 15 - 17 pound box of 20"x14"x7" or more. From California to somewhere on the east coast $45 is a bargain. From California to Oregon ... not so much. @OrnoNo! Beautiful machine, by the way! 🌟
  10. @BillC Thanks for the pictures! Based on them I can say I have a Mitsumi mechanism.
  11. Another one just popped up on eBay. Let's see if it goes for even more! Atari 1200XL computer only - untested | eBay
  12. Is there any easy way to tell which mechanism is inside a particular XF551 drive without taking it apart?
  13. @kheller2 Oh, oh! I forgot about the timing hole. Does the XF551 rely on it?
  14. Just wondering what people use to cut notches in their disks so they can use the other side of the disk? Way back when I remember my dad used a metal nibbler intended for sheet metal. Product recommendations?
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