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  1. I really want to want one ... but I know it's nothing more than a glorified mini-PC with custom software. If it were something like $149 by itself or $169 with controllers then it would be a smash hit.
  2. Thanks @Mathy!! Please feel free to forward my contact info to him. I'm always around.
  3. Wrote the image to a disk and loaded it on my 1200XL. Wow, very cool! 😀
  4. @Mathy I would love to buy a kit I could solder/wirewrap together, especially if it comes with all the necessary SIO connectors for the board. My cables are all "short" but definitely not 1 foot. Honestly, I never measured 🙄 😄 as they were always long enough for what I need. Maybe they are 3 feet long.
  5. I tried opening the link for ordering the Automatic 2-Computer Interface by the Frankfurter hardware guys. Unfortunately, the link didn't work. I got a message saying : www.abbuc.de refused to connect. Is the site down? Here is the link I tried going to. http://www.abbuc-raf.de/restarte.htm
  6. @TGB1718 Are you saying the +5V is not isolated to each device on each SIO connector? I also thought the +5V SIO line is different than the +5V power fueling the integrated circuits. @Tillek Yes, the 1200XL does have a 0 Ohm resistor/choke in R63. That is how I can use the MicroPrint SIO->Centronics adapter.
  7. I would like to connect my SIO devices together with two computers such that I do not need to plug/unplug cables for a specific computer to be in control. I was wondering if it is possible to make a SIO too long, especially with a SIO splitter like the one Lotharek sells. Would something like this work? Two computers, one at each end, and lots of devices in between. I understand only one computer can be powered on. Do not power 130XE and 1200XL at the same time. Feedback appreciated!
  8. @DjayBee Fantastic work! Thank you for this! It is greatly appreciated! ❤️ I downloaded the double density ATR image and wrote it to a disk. The disk booted just fine on my 130XE. I loaded SC85K128.XEX without any problems and I have 84kB available. I created a large sheet that simulates covering weekly stock prices. Columns are week number, date (as text), S&P 500, adjusted closed, actual close, shares owned, total value, and normalized values for the S&P 500 close and the adjusted stock price. There are notes for the company name, stock symbol, overall performance, dividends, and file names. Since this sheet is a simulation all values are "dummy" values calculated with simple formulas. I filled the sheet with text/numbers/calculations from A1 to W255. The sheet, when loaded fresh from a separate data disk, uses 73kB. I saved the same sheet three times to consume space on the data disk. Additionally, I exported the week number and normalized columns to DIF files. I spot checked the sheet and I did not see any lost data but maybe I missed something. Hopefully not. I did not verify the contents of the DIF files. So far, so good! I am very impressed with your work expanding SynCalc! I will use this version for my data entry and tracking to continue exercising the program. Now I will have to switch from my beloved 1200XL to my 130XE. I am attaching an ATR image of my data disk. Hopefully the file opens fine on your system. Thanks again for this great work! SynCalc DD Data Disk.ATR
  9. I use floppy disks almost exclusively. Anything I download (ATR, XEX, etc) gets tested first with my APE setup. If it works then I write the file or image to a disk. I backup each working floppy to an ATR file. I keep my eye open for floppy disks on eBay. $1/ea if new, $0.25/each to $0.50/each if used. That includes shipping. Be patient. Bargains, especially in bulk, can be had. I once bought a huge bulk lot of floppies with Atari s/w for cheap. Many disks did not have sleeves. Labels were dried up and falling off. Some disks were in vert poor shape. Most are readable. Those that aren't can be reformatted with any problems. It's really surprising how durable those 5.25" floppies can be! Maybe it's a combination of the materials and the lower density (compared to high density 1.2MB and 1.44MB).
  10. Hoooo, boy! 😄 After thumbing through some of those postings I couldn't stop myself from Google searching his name. There was a video from Retro Gaming Alert that spent something like 10 - 15 minutes exposing the guy. That's a serious "fan club". Has anyone ever met the guy in person? Just curious if the online persona matches the real world persona.
  11. Wow ... that's waaay more than I expected! 😲
  12. A little background? I don't know the back story.
  13. Buyer beware! The seller is a shark and good for him if he finds someone willing to pay that much money for such an item.
  14. Wow, lots of great mentions here! Thanks for the replies, everyone! I started putting together a list based heavily on @gnusto post. Here is a link to a Google Sheets file. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1NsnhjY7f4NDdFQryrhls8F-8ICc9cPQJmlJOSx4T6ek/edit?usp=sharing This is a start ... not an end. Lots of empty cells here but we'll get them filled them over time. Anyone want to help out as co-owner / co-editor of this sheet?
  15. I just discovered the joyful effects of artifacting! Is that how it is spelled? I hope so! I want to play Drol from the collection of CSS cracks and saw two versions: artifacting and color. The artifacting version came out as B&W on my Sophia upgraded 1200XL and the color version looked like something you'd see on an old XT machine with CGA grahics. Then I switched over to my 130XE that does not have any upgraded video and played the artifacting version. Wow, what a difference! In some ways the change from the color version was very subtle but that didn't minimize its impact. I plan on keeping that 130XE as-is, as an artifacting station. Now I have to ask, is there a master list or catalog of software that leverage artifacting? I'm sure this exists somewhere. Maybe this thread could be that list? 1. Drol Thanks!
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