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  1. I don't care about games or controllers being included, but I would like to find a minty system. Bonus if it's already A/V modded.
  2. For the most part, it's performance enhancements in the Atari version. If anyone needs new roms burned to replace in your original cart, drop me a PM.
  3. Yeah, it's a port of the fairly popular and addictive Netwalk game that is available on a number of modern platforms. I would edit my original post, but it doesn't seem I can do so.
  4. Finally, I have released RetroNet (AtariNet + C=Net) version 1.1. Many of you have contributed to this effort with testing and suggestions, and I thank you very much for your help. The binaries can be found at http://www.atarinet.com/. I'm always happy to receive additional feedback, including any bugs you may run into. Enjoy!
  5. If so, please drop me a PM. I'd like to get one. thanks
  6. Slor


  7. She'll make 'em for anything we have or can borrow. I at least have a 1010 lying around...
  8. Yes, my wife still makes them and has a number of repeat buyers. No, she's not this eBay person. Keep in mind the link above still has 2010-based pricing. Depending on the cost of materials, they might be a little bit more than noted, but at least you have a ballpark idea. She also may be able to make covers for unlisted items. Just depends on what it is, whether or not I own one, and/or how complicated the case is. If anyone else needs contact info, feel free to PM me and I'll give it to you. thanks
  9. I tried to get him a couple weeks ago as well and haven't heard back. I'll go ahead and renew the domain name so folks can get at it.
  10. Thanks - glad you enjoyed it. Sorry though, I won't be doing another run.
  11. No. The cart release was a limited issue more or less geared towards using up my parts while satisfying the needs of die-hard cartridge fans out there (like myself).
  12. I would never turn down a donation. If you'd like to send via PayPal, you can find my email address in the included text file. Thanks a bunch!
  13. AtariNet limited edition cart release is now officially sold out! Thanks all! Due to popular request, I'm currently working on the C64 version. And yep, that makes me feel just a little bit dirty. Oh yeah... http://atariage.com/forums/topic/243627-atarinet-binaries-available-for-download/
  14. Thanks to everyone who supported the cartridge release. Now that the official cart is sold out, I'm releasing the .ROM and .XEX images to the public domain: http://www.slor.net/a8/atarinet10.zip Enjoy!
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