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  1. Any Vectrex aficionados in here? I'm nearly ready to provide a patch containing Vectrex support for LFB, and I'm currently waging an internal battle... What is the best way to lay out Vec's straight 4-button style onto the Sega-style 6-button pads? Seems like there are a few ways you could do it, using either all of ABC and one of X/Y/Z or two from each row... Anyone who digs on the Vec happen to have an opinion on appropriate defaults?
  2. What controls whether or not you have the ability to add a coin with the controller in a game? I've noticed a number of games in the arcade section no longer are able to have coins added (the hot-button doesn't work, and it's not in the pop-up menu), and I can't quite figure out the pattern regarding which ones don't work. One example for me near the front of the list is Asteroids. Another is Star Wars. If you push the menu button on the console and then push it again, you get a credit.
  3. For anyone still following (it might be just me at this point)... Progress on Vectrex support: It's obviously out of proportion, and the lines are thick and blue, but it's getting there. It seems there is some oddness somewhere between what vecx passes through to the renderer and what ends up on the screen. Just gotta figure out what that is and get the right combination worked out. I sure wish I could debug it directly!
  4. Edit: I did find a few more core options in the code. Maybe I'll get lucky!
  5. Yeah. Unfortunately I only know of that specific setting, and it doesn't appear to be relevant. I grabbed the latest code to build a test driver and maybe get some more info on what's happening. At the moment, making vecx_libretro work seems to be the only available option, and I am determined.
  6. Quick Vectrex update... I plugged away at it a bit today with (I think) promising initial results. I've tried a couple vecx cores thus far, and here are some notes on the positives and negatives: - In general, the games play. Controller is responsive, speed is fine. - Sound quality varies from game to game. Could be as simple as a setting tweak to iron that out. I have yet to investigate. - The display - this is where it gets a bit odd. #1 - I get the display showing up twice , side by side on my screen. It _seems_ like I've seen this happen on other past adventures, but I haven't yet put my finger on why it's producing a double screen here. #2 - The colors. Yeah, colors. It kinda seems like something is telling it to produce NTSC artifacts when lines are drawn on my screen instead of producing the white vectors I so crave. I will be digging in on both of these issues, but please do feel free to let me know if you might have a lead on either from your experience with the other cores. Thanks!
  7. One more dumb question that hopefully I didn't just miss the answer to somewhere in here... Where are the images coming from for the main system list? I thought maybe they were standard system shots from elsewhere that you are grabbing and resizing, but I have yet to find that particular format elsewhere with the picture box at the bottom and system name at top with appropriate background. Are you doing that art yourselves, or have I failed my search again?
  8. Gotcha - thanks for the details. I did see the word "android" at the bottom corner of the screen when I was doing my firmware update, so I blame that for my misstatement of the platform.
  9. Yep - and it's already in the "here's all the cores" archive Drax shared recently, so I'm starting there. About to play with it a bit this evening.
  10. Just gotta let you know I'm a big fan of this effort. I picked up one of the 2018 models a couple weekends ago, and this is really making my $7 investment pay off! After starting with the v6 full release and spending my evening catching up with patches, I believe I'm up to date, and there's something about the form factor with built in support for the de facto controller pinout that really makes it feel right to me. Thanks to Draxxon and everyone else contributing to the effort! One thing I've just been kinda wondering, and my Google-fu has thus far failed me... Has anyone been able to determine the exact specs of any of these machines? I saw a post earlier in the thread with some suspicions about changes from the 2018 to the 2019, I've seen a guy open one up and have no idea what any of the chips are, and I think I saw somewhere (here?) that it has 128MB RAM onboard, and it's obviously android-based. I'm just curious if anyone here knows the exact specs and can spell them out for me. Also, I'd be glad to start looking at a couple other cores in my spare time... Maybe Vectrex and/or C64, if nobody else is futzing with them yet.
  11. I missed some PMs because notifications were going to my junk mail for a little while. Yes, my wife still makes the covers (doing some right now as a matter of fact). I wouldn't put much stock in the old price list, but you can reach out for whatever you want and I'll get you in direct contact with the talent. thanks
  12. I have been told by a few that this manual doesn't seem to be readily available online at the moment. My copy is now scanned for anyone who might need to reference: http://www.slor.net/a8/ST_VT100_manual.pdf Stay safe out there, everyone.
  13. I don't care about games or controllers being included, but I would like to find a minty system. Bonus if it's already A/V modded.
  14. For the most part, it's performance enhancements in the Atari version. If anyone needs new roms burned to replace in your original cart, drop me a PM.
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