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  1. Prodos8


  2. Does anyone know, off hand, if the Amiga version of Elite has something like the "J" key function, on the C64 version, that will invert the flight controls? It makes it easier to shoot from the rear view.
  3. My daughter found this NES-101 top loader w/dogbone controller at an antique store for $40. Not a smokin' hot deal but she called me and I told her to get it for me.
  4. I've only had something like this happen to me once. I ordered some electronics components/microcontrollers from Thailand back in 2008. The package arrive to me late, opened, and re-sealed with green colored tape marked U.S. customs.
  5. I picked one up in trade on this site. Traded a ColecoVision for it.
  6. My mom only had a Sears credit card back then so most of my games were from them. Almost all the department stores sold the games, but I do recall seeing them being sold at a Safeway grocery store. I thought that was odd, at the time.
  7. I could have sworn I uploaded a pic of mine back in Feb, but apparently not. I used the same box from Radio Shack that you used. I happened to see the pictures I took of it on my camera just last week, but needed space so I deleted them. Anyway, where can I find the old FAQ with the PNP and resistor info? I can't seem to find it anymore. It looks like you made yours from the same old FAQ I had. I made the adapters back in '98 and at the time, I couldn't find the correct resistors at Radio Shack. That was before the time of ordering from mouser on the net, so I just used specs as close as I could find. However, since I didn't get the right resistors, my controller only works for a little while and then craps out. I've been wanting to fix it the right way, but can't find the specs anymore. For whatever reason the 7800 adapter using transistors is in the 2600 FAQ. http://www.atariage.com/2600/faq/index.html?SystemID=2600#sega
  8. Excellent person to deal with.
  9. Mini Super Nintendo with all the hook-ups and one controller. Also, includes Super Mario World. Everything works great. I did remove the security screws and installed a green power led on it. Asking $50 - PayPal preferred. Free shipping for USA buyer. PM me if interested. Thanks.
  10. Yep, ferrite bead inductor. It only serves as a jumper though. I've converted stuff to work as 7800 two button sticks and omitted that part entirely without any issues.
  11. Neo-Geo extension cables work well also. They are molded, without the metal bits, just like the 5200 stuff. However, they seem to be overpriced for the most part.
  12. I believe you get two button support using sega pads (sms/genesis) with it. I built dozens of masterplay clones that I sold on this site that worked that way.
  13. You need to obtain pirated eproms in order to test the thing. Like these pictured below:
  14. These are a few I really liked playing back in the mid 80s when I had my Apple //e: Cavern Creatures Moebius Broadsides Karateka Castle Wolfenstein & Beyond Castle Wolfenstein Skyfox Taxman Spare Change Space Ark Stellar 7
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