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  1. Hi does anybody know they keyboard or joystick controls for this? i'm struggling to find them
  2. Thanks to you i just diffused Green Goblins super bomb. Got to find Quest probe Spider man now.
  3. You legend! I thought it was my lack of skill on computers as I use consoles. But it was my lack of gaming experience. Thank you.
  4. This may be my lack of skill or knowledge but i still have no success. As the top link states i renamed the appropriate file and deleted the old. I also deleted it permanently but it recreates itself. I could also not find anything in the user guide.
  5. Hi, I'm new to the group, Atari and emulators. I managed to download Stella emulator with the supported hardware of windows and tortiseGIT. I downloaded Spiderman (1984). It loads up ok and the bad guy animations seem to work. Sound only comes on when i hit F2 to reset. No keyboard directions or joystick directions work, no matter what I try to map. I hope you guys can help.
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