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  1. Thank you both for those suggestions, I was wondering if that would work. I appreciate it.
  2. Hello TI-99 community, For some reason my copy of PC99 did not come with the 20mb or 40mb blank disk images to use with the MYARC HD controller. I'd really like to emulate this on the PC99 but so far have hit some dead ends. I may be able to make my own but I'm a bit new to this level of TI-99 programming so I'd need some basic pointers on how to do this. If anyone could point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it much. The PC99w documentation says the files are titled my20mb.dsk and my40mb.dsk, however neither is in the DSK folder that came with the program. I did email the CaDD company as well. Thanks - Tim
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