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  1. Good skills. My Game Gear has, what appears to be a loose one of those but it still works okay, so I don't think it's a major issue for now. Thanks for the replacement info too, as I plan to recap my Lynx II at some point; when I get an LCD screen.
  2. So I got my screwdrivers and after some twiddling, found that the best colours were the current setting. Bah. Obviously I need to do some trial and error on this but do you have any advice (at my own risk, or course) as to where I should be going next? I've been comparing my board with others and I only have one green film capacitor, whereas some others have two. Are there any other places I should be checking before I destroy my lovely Atari with some cack handed soldering?
  3. Interesting. That's some fantastic advice & knowledge, thank you so much both of you. I'll order some tools anyway, as it's always nice to have something friends can use too. I need some contact cleaner anyway, as I've been using Iso 99% for my carts and I should probably get something more appropriate with less corrosion potential. I modded my first console yesterday, a Famicom, so have gained a little confidence with soldering (reflowing), should it come to that. The plan is to buy a soldering station with hot air gun for reflowing, as they're fairly cheap and I can't keep doing the day job at weekends, so some soldering projects seems be a good distraction.
  4. Hi all, I recently picked up an untested 2600, cleaned it all up and when turning it on, found that I was getting a black and white image on both colour and the black and white switch. After a few seconds, the colour sometimes returns but if it goes back to the menu, it will often shift back to black and white. The two black and whites when flicking the colour switch are slightly different too, with the colour setting bringing up a darker black and grey, white. This thread sounded most similar to my issue but I've looked on my board and cannot find a variable resistor marked 'colour delay' (or color delay ;)) Which should I be looking? I understand that people recommend turning the colour pot, or checking whether carts are NTSC (especially as my 2600 is PAL). However, my 7800 and 2600 Jr both display colour, so it doesnt seem that the cart type would be the problem? And surely turning the colour pot isn't going to solve the self switching to colour issue? Does anyone have a similar experience and can advise before I buy a plastic pot adjuster?
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