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  1. wasn't sure where to put this, so ill put it here. I bought some manuals from eBay , A dollar a piece and the seller sent along the 1982 catalog for free, I Love old catalogs! The free catalog was waaaay cooler than the actual manuals I bought lol , complete with " Toms " very respectable AstroSmash score of 207065 lol
  2. I read in the article that only transfers for " goods and services " will get hit, but transfers under " gift / friends family " will be exempt ... but who knows, that could change too
  3. I feel like this article has some relevance to this thread, here is the link https://runningwithmiles.boardingarea.com/paypal-payment-network-reporting-stimulus-bill/ Here is a preview "Buried in the new stimulus bill is a provision that will change how PayPal and other third party networks will issue tax forms to you – and the amount has dropped significantly. If you use PayPal to receive payment for goods and/or services (like eBay transactions, Facebook marketplace, etc) or any similar platform, you will find a new change coming, courtesy of the just-passed stimulus bill. New Reporting Requirement for PayPal and Other Platforms Note that I am not a tax or financial professional and am not providing advice for financial or tax purposes. If you have questions about this, check with your accountant or tax professional. What is the Reporting Requirement for Third Party Platforms? This will apply to all third-party payment platforms but PayPal is the one that likely affects many of us the most. This will also mean for platforms like Etsy, etc." -------------------------------------- The current IRS reporting law for these platforms is that they only had to provide a 1099-K tax form to users if they processed more than $20,000 and 200 transactions in a year. So, if you sold $40,000 worth of stuff on eBay in one year but only in 150 transactions total (as processed by PayPal), you would not receive a tax form from PayPal (except in a couple of states). ---------------------------------------------------------------------- "What Does This Mean? So, what exactly does this mean? It means that, for returns beginning next year, third party network platforms like PayPal will be issuing forms and reporting to the IRS for all accounts if the transactions exceed $600 for that year. Fortunately, they did make the clarification that this will only apply to things that are categorized as “Goods or Services” as opposed the “Friends and Family” option with PayPal. Why will this matter? It will likely affect a lot of people who had just listed some old stuff around their house on eBay that they were no longer using as getting over $600 will now trigger a 1099-K form. Also, it means that if use any third party payment network for anything, it will now be automatically reported if it is over $600 meaning you had better make sure you have all your receipts to show your deductions against that sale price! This little addition to the stimulus bill will likely bring in a ton of tax money that was not being reported on before this. But, it will catch many people flatfooted if they were not aware of this and they get a tax form for clearing out old things from their house or selling an old computer to fund a new one, etc." --- As a reminder, this is set to kick in starting January 1, 2022. ---
  4. I loved my 5200, My favorite Atari console. and a few sprays of electronics cleaner in the analog pots every now and again solves the controller issues.
  5. That was Rerez ( Shane Luis ) I love his vids, real nice guy too,,, here is a link to his twitter post about it https://twitter.com/RerezTV/status/1374818192305090560?s=20
  6. After one hour of this I do believe I need wrist surgery... 😆😅🤣😂

    Screenshot_2021-03-23 🔥Mike Dijital🔥 ( MikeDijital) Twitter.png

    1. thanatos


      Without the picture included on the sidebar of status updates, I was afraid to click to see what you've been up to.  :D

    2. MikeDijital777


      Keep you all on yer toes hahaha.   😅

  7. Commodore tried with the Pet in the early early days, and I believe later on with the Commodore 16. but I don't think they ever tried with 16 bit stuff, plus I think by the time Atari and Commodore where dabbling in 16 bit, Apple had a strong arm on the school market.
  8. I grew up in Danvers Massachusetts. the K-5 when i was a kid ( 1983ish ) had the Apple IIc I remember doing logo.... and maybe someone here knows, it was a game called Apple / Open Apple like either an outline, or solid apple would drop and you had to press the apple or open apple keys to drop it down a hole lol... LOVED print shop, Conan, and Chivalry, I vaguely remember playing a text vampire game, and a text knights/castle game.... I think we did stuff in appleworks but I dont remember.
  9. I got a set for my FBX and I noticed the button on one would make the breakout platform go right, and the button on the other would go left, but the dials did nothing. I was kinda disappointed they didnt work.
  10. Makes sense. Jon Lord the keyboard player was classically trained, and Ritchie Blackmore is considered to be the father of Neoclassical rock, Many Neoclassical players like Yngwie Malmsteen credit blackmore and Uli Jon Roth from very early "scorpions" with starting the style. Anyone into big band is going to know their music, You Grandad had taste. Im super into metal and all the way on the other end with techno and stuff... but the first CD I ever got, and wanted was when i was 15 .. lol and I still have it
  11. Was in the mood to play some NES hacks and bootlegs
  12. Im not a huge Genesis head, but there is a handful of games I do like. I think I wouldn't notice it on cannon fodder, and would certainly hear it on Devils Crash or Sonic. Ive been seeing them for around 40$ with shipping on ebay. Almost bought one but I keep hearing about the sound issues and wanted to see if it was youtubers making it a bigger deal for laughs, or if it really was painful to deal with . Thanks everyone 😃
  13. I recently got the AtGames Atari portable and I really like it. I saw they have a genesis version of this, but after watching the Rerez video about the Genesis console AtGames made im worried about the portable emulating the games as poorly as the console did .. has anyone tried the at games portable?
  14. Ok captain self important, ill keep that in mind the next time I'm trying to impress you. does this forum have a block feature?
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