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  1. Anymore updates on this topic I’m really interested the potential of a super vcs
  2. yeah swapped out those also, i think i will just aim for doing the av mod, will be better in the long run. thanks for being my voice of reason.
  3. installed a console 5 refresh kit today console is back in working condition, picture looks great on rf, but i am getting a lot of sound noise. may end up getting a uav kit but until then is there any easy known improvements that can be made to the rf signal?
  4. well that shows you how much I pay attention, on searching this forum
  5. Has anyone designed an alternative Atari VCS motherboard solution, similar to the Opentendo and NESessity projects?
  6. So after looking at the schematics and the board until I can dive deeper into this mystery my best guess is the Atari tech was trying to bypass the hex buffer and hook pin 7 and 9 up similarly to how the cx2600a boards are configured, anyone have any better knowledge to share.
  7. Haven’t updated in a bit, got the new controller membranes in today should get them installed by this weekend
  8. Nice to see someone else getting back into older systems I just got my second Atari (also a light sixes) after losing my first (Vader style) in a move a couple years ago
  9. So the mystery of this board keeps deepening I was looking over the board tonight and noticed a cut trace below the hex buffer next to c205 you can see it in the pictures above, also I think the work may have been done in 1981 on the shielding was a receipt with initials and a date stamp of 81, i may be wrong but I thought light sixers were out of production by then, I’m torn on this project part of me wants to just get it working again but I also want to figure out the history and what this Atari tech was trying to accomplish.
  10. Maybe this will help you DrVenkman, Spent some time today getting the glue off and using some IPA to remove a lot of flux. As you can see the two resistors both (10 K ohms 10 % tolerance) are connected from R225 and R226 up to the hex buffer. does anyone have a thought on this bodge?
  11. Yes the way it’s configured at the moment it is essentially grounding the outer shell of all but the one power switch.
  12. Thank you for the advice, I plan to clean up the board tomorrow, and will be doing a console 5 restoration kit install when it arrives. I also ordered a new hex buffer, due to the bodge connection on it, I fear it maybe have been damaged in the past and this was some sort of fix.
  13. Got a new atari vcs in the mail today gave it a try and no video. so i opened it up to check out some things, and i found some bodge wires one on the switches and two resistors on the back of the board near the hex buffer. Are these factory bodges or was the previous owner trying to accomplish something, either way i want to save this one from heading to the grave so any tips and help would be awesome.
  14. I have a hard time using the CX40, due to nerve damage in my hands it is painful to use it for long sessions. I couldn't find any evidence of anyone doing this already, so I have designed a WASD style controller for any atari style controller compatible system. I don't have time at the moment to get a PCB made and work on it myself, so I am sharing the gerber files with everyone. All I ask is if any changes are made (such as added paddle support) please change the revision number and share the gerber file again on this post. looking forward to seeing this tested and what ideas others may bring forward. "edit" added JSON FILE PCB_atari 5 key mx_2021-03-01.json Gerber_PCB_atari 5 key mx_2021-03-01.zip
  15. Upon first opening this intellivision is in surprisingly good shape, the controllers seem to be the one thing that will need alot of attention.
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