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    Hi, I’ve just moved into a new apartment- and seeing all my stuff which I am tired of moving around, and therefore trying to decide if and how to sell - or if I should just throw it away. In the 90’s I was a huge fan of the Jaguar. I probably have around 30 games,maybe more, three consoles (two US and one European, two Jag CD players, two Catboxes and what not). I have a couple of Air Cars games that go with those Catboxes. Question; is this stuff worth anything? Would it be worth my time selling it, or should I just throw it away? If worth something, should I sell it one-by-one or should I just make a package? And where should I sell it, is there a good internet page for this? Does anyone know who I could ask to put a value on this? I also have a Lynx and a few games, 3DO with a lot of games, MegaDrive/Genesis with a lot of games - but those are probably for another forum. Any help would be much appreciated.
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