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  1. B/N Arcade Blast! has now been back out-of-stock from the AtGames e-store for some months but just appeared last week on samsclub.com for $25. While the description there doesn’t verify it explicitly, Bill Loguidice revealed in the 2021 speculation thread that they’re coming out with a tweaked version to allow the choice of Portrait or Landscape mode which will be great for Legends Pinball owners who want to use it via the Arcade Play Link feature.
  2. One more breadcrumb to maybe lead to getting the Community Project to run on the Legends ecosystem via the Arcade Play Link: One of the lesser-known aspects of the open and connected Legends Family platform is the Software Development Kit (SDK) that is available for download off the AtGames website. Could this help?
  3. Limited info on AtGames site mentions CoreMax will be APL compatible. My guess is that this means that it will be able to be connected to an ALU or ALUM as a means of “upgrading” the arcade cabinet hardware. I could be wrong, but doubt that it means that FB’s will be able to be APL-connected to the CoreMax. The community is pushing for dual-HDMI ports on the CoreMax in order to be able to output separate signals for pinball play surface & backglass/dmd, so I think that’ll be highly likely to occur. Just noticed that samsclub.com now has the B/N Arcade Blast hdmi dongle ($25), so it’s possible we’ll soon see re-released FB’s at Sam’s, Menard’s, or elsewhere. I’ll keep my eyes peeled.
  4. Similar to that PDubs video, Cooltoy had a 3-part series back in January, 2020 on using an Amazon Firestick. Don’t know what that means towards your efforts with the FB’s, but good luck with it.
  5. After buying an ALU 1.1 when it dropped last September, I picked up the re-released LFB2D in November. While I like that I can pack it with me to take on a trip, I mainly bought it for the APL compatibility. Before I knew if I could/would pursue the CoinOpsX route, the LFB gave me a legit way to add StreetFighter2, MegaMan, Ghosts&Goblins, several Bandai/Namco titles, and a good number of others that AtGames removed when it pared down the ALU 1.0’s 350 included games to just 300 on the ALU 1.1. So, I’m not a mini-console collector and certainly have no hacking skills, but have only been following along on AA threads for general AtGames news and due to the specific possibility of expanding my LFB’s APL capabilities. How’s that for one man’s testimonial for the Community Project? Btw, when I first tried my stock LFB on the ALU, I encountered problems. I was using the AC wall adapter and had the sega-style controllers plugged in. Not sure if one of those aspects (probably the controllers) or both was the cause, but I got it working with the ALU’s control panel by unplugging from the 9-pin ports and using the ALU’s USB port for power. Draxxon: DM or text me if you want to bring some of your FB’s with CFW for testing.
  6. I’m here in SpringPatch and should’ve offered to let you tryout my GamePad before you placed your order. Mine’s already past it’s 30-day warranty, and I’ve barely touched it. If they’ll let you cancel your order, my offer stands. Just DM me if interested.
  7. Core Max is allegedly going to ship in February, 2022, but take that with a giant grain of salt: (1) First-party lightgun & steering wheel accessories for the Legends family were announced on 6/10/20, and reservations for BitBlaster lightgun began around 7/31/20. Neither product is on the horizon after more than a year of waiting patiently. (2) Their 3/4-scale ALU Mini arcade cabinet as well as the GamePad controller were announced with reservations beginning at the last 2/14/21 National Owners’ Day with a May, 2021 estimated arrival for each. However, the controller didn’t arrive until August, and November is the latest promise for the ALUM.
  8. For those interested, there seems to a price war between WalMart.com & GameStop.com for the Legends Gamer Mini (single-player fight-stick w/ core). WM has it for $61.25, and GS has it for $71.20 but they’ll probably match WM tomorrow based on the recent trend. However, be forewarned that the likely reason for this clearance fire sale is the pending announcement of a Core Max w/ a more powerful chip set akin to that used in the Legends Pinball machine. Reservations for it begin this weekend w/ delivery goal of Feb, ‘22. See wagnerstechtalk.com for more info.
  9. Completely agree that 4-player control panel for ALU 1.1 will not sell well. No clamoring for it in YouTube chats. My guess is that AtGames is playing follow-the-leader in chasing after A1Up’s TMNT & NBA Jam cabs. Best current solution for 4-player gaming w/ ALU is to add a Gamer Pro & separate TV/monitor as has been demonstrated by BuyStuffStore. Conversely, my dream of a combo racing & lightgun control panel would be a game changer w/ universal interest among current owners and the potential to spur many new ALU cab sales. As for now, I’d settle for: (1) fulfillment of my BitBlaster lightgun reservation from more than a year ago(!), (2) the opportunity to obtain the BitRacer steering wheel that was announced 6/10/20(!), (3) a reasonably-priced Sam’s Club ALP (i.e., not $100 over MSRP!), and (4) getting the AFB & LFB official firmware snafu straightened out. Alas, my expectations are that none of the foregoing will come to pass since there’s just too much profit margin in ArcadeNet subscriptions and software (add’l pinball titles).
  10. I’ll believe it when I see it, but here’s a recent reply from AtGames. My question: AtGames Flashback Zone (AFZ) Firmware Update Portal I purchased a Legends Flashback Deluxe - Model FB8660S (LFBD) from my local Sam’s Club in November, 2020 for standalone use as well as for use with my version 1.1 Legends Ultimate (ALU) arcade cabinet’s Arcade Play Link (APL) feature. Out of the box, the LFBD came with firmware version 1.0.4 installed. Given this, why does the AFZ currently show v0.1.8 from 2/13/20 as the latest firmware available? Likewise, why does the Release Notes page not describe ALL of the tweaks that were made with each version thru at least 1.0.4 since that kind of documentation is the whole purpose? In early January, 2021, the AFZ was not fully up-to-date (v1.0.1 maybe?), but it was more up-to-date than it is now. Sometime in late January or early February, the AFZ site was scrubbed for some reason; why was this done? Are there any known problems with versions beyond 0.1.8? The foregoing also typifies what has happened with various other Atari & Legends flashback units. Has AtGames decided to abandon its loyal customers who collect mini-consoles? Just about a year ago on the 4th of July, Glen Planamento (Glen’s Retro Show) and Patton Plays put out YouTube videos promoting the addition of a leaderboard feature for select games on the LFBD; however, for the last 7-8 months, the company’s focus seems to have shifted exclusively to ArcadeNet & Pinball. AtGames Support’s reply: Thank you for reaching out to us and your comments. Your feedback is highly appreciated. Usually, consoles will come with the latest firmware installed even though the actual firmware website is not up to date yet. Please also note that currently we are working on the new firmware release for our consoles and expect it to be live later in the year. Let us know if you have any issues with your current console or firmware and we will be happy to assist you if we can. Again, appreciate your feedback. Best regards, AtGames Customer Support Btw, @Draxxon, you cannot purchase a GamePad controller in a bundle with the Core nor by itself as @BillLoguidice said. At this point, it can only be reserved. I placed my reservation back on NOD as I’m sure many others did in part due to the Core’s incompatibility issues with myriad 3rd-party wireless controllers. At that time (2/14/21), the expectation was that theGamePad would be available in mid-May. However, it was subsequently communicated to us that it’d be delivered in July, but that was then revised to a mid-August commencement for shipping.
  11. LMAO, paisan! Ima gonna havva to treat youze to a sausage & pepper parm sub from Vito at Gallina’s!
  12. Seriously, @Bill Loguidice, what is going on with the AtGames Flashback Zone? It’s been 6 weeks since you were informed by @Draxxon that new AFBX, AFBXD, LFB & LFBD firmware had been posted before being mysteriously deleted. Not only that, but the firmware & release notes pages have been regressively scrubbed clear back to circa 12/19 - 2/20. The LFBD I purchased 11/20 came w/ v1.0.4, and it’d be nice to know what that means. The whole purpose of a Release Notes page is to provide a historical record of ALL changes, no matter how insignificant.
  13. While I do consider it to be the best of the Blasts, I’m just comparing $30 + s&h direct through the AtGames e-store to the $5 I paid last summer at Wal-Mart for the Activision Blast.
  14. This item is finally back on the AtGames e-store for full price ($30), but it’s not clear if this product has undergone any updates. Also, it’s unknown whether any of the usual retailers might carry it, hopefully at a discount. @Bill Loguidice ?
  15. Looks like you got the last one, TC. The offer is no longer there.
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