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  1. I can't tell what this is C1 or C3 for the AV mod from console5? I have 2 one has marking of 10-20L M2(2) other has markings looks like AS76 or AS7B.
  2. Wouldn't Kaplon tape help? I am going to also use the ground cable and attach it to motherboard or that won't help.
  3. This is old RF Box can this be fixed? It looks like pads are gone and probably why this box had issues.
  4. Basically, I rewired everything and I am going to move the RF box and do the AV mod is next. I am guessing should get some foam and copper shielding tape for bottom. I have it working now but does this look right?
  5. Looks like my soldering not good that goes to pins of the j4 connector of the Rf Modulator. I am going to try something and hope it works. I am getting signal now but not clear it's like greenish and fuzzy.
  6. Could it be a capacitor? C68 looks weird..
  7. I will get pics of wiring to the actual RF Module. Here is what I did to motherboard itself.
  8. Yes. Is there away to check with multimeter and/or logic probe the connections?
  9. Ok the old one says 75745 revision F; the one that I replaced with says 75745 revision E it looks a bit different. The video turn thing is for sure different.
  10. I took a working RF Box and wired it to the non working coleco. Now I get nothing no signal.. I checked all traces and seem fine. The RF module is for a different Revision I dont think it matters but throw that out here. Pin 4 on J4 showing 12V so I know getting power. What should I check here. Or do I need a scope in order order to proceed further.
  11. Curious would a heat gun work with older consoles to reflow and desolder? What solder gun you guys recommend? Reflow/solder station? Thanks
  12. The board components small and board is DIY.. Anyone has a prebuilt one or will do one? Thanks
  13. Yes it works but sound sounds like no signal only channel 4 comes in. What would cause channel 3 not to work? Capacitor? Resistor? Lm1889 chip? Or something else. I should check rf out voltage when it’s on channel 3 vs 4 correct?
  14. I tested with logic probe U20 and nothing on pin 15 (D4). What does that do?
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