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  1. replaced the 120 ohm resistor (R74) with a 30 ohm resistor. The issue still presents if the Lynx has been powered off for a few hours or more. It generally takes about 2 to 5 power on/off cycles before it starts working consistently. I'm going to call this a fix(??) and be done with anymore troubleshooting unless anyone has any other suggestions.
  2. It never happened with the original screen or with original cartridges. After more testing it seems that once I've been playing it for a while, the issue is harder to reproduce. I'm going to go back in today and replace R74. I didn't do that because the Console5 kit I bought said it was not always needed. Also, even though it's listed as a replacement for R74, the diagram Console5 has for the kit has an arrow pointing to R75, so I'm a little confused. It may very well just be a quirk in my 30 year old Lynx. The problem seems way less common now than it was before I did a recap and replaced Q12, D13, Q7, and Q8.
  3. Welp, it's doing it again intermittently. It does it with batteries as well as with an external power supply. No problems at all with standard cartridges. Any suggestions would be welcome.
  4. Found time last night and this evening to replace Q12, D13, Q7, Q8, and all electrolytic caps. After a couple of hours of testing, I haven't been able to replicate the issue. Thank you everyone for your help and advice.
  5. Only with the SD cart. I have not had the issue with regular carts. Brownout may not be the accurate term. When the issue occurs the GameDrive boots and the logo screen displays. However, when it should go to the menu it displays a white bar at the bottom of the screen and the screen gradually brightens to a blank screen. I can blindly boot to a game which will load (as indicated by the game's sound/music), but the screen remains blank. The issue began intermittently when I installed the new screen. Eventually the problem became permanent. It only began to resolve after I discovered C7 had come loose from the screen PCB and replaced it. Now the problem is hard to replicate.
  6. Actually the brownout seems to occur if I power off and repower quickly.
  7. Over the last hour or so of testing, I have not been able to recreate the brownout issue. However, I don't want to test fate. So I won't power it up again until after I recap and replace the FET (likely next weekend). I got a kit from Console5 and plan on replacing the following components: Q12, D13, Q7, Q8, R74, and all electrolytics. Are there any other components you'd recommend I replace while I'm in there?
  8. Thank you for your quick response and otherwise great excellent product.
  9. I'll find some time next weekend to replace the power stage components and replace all the electrolytics. The dead pixel is in the same spot for every game. I've attached two photos running regular cartridges. In Rygar, it appears as a persistent green pixel in the black field above the D in the word Legendary. In California Games it appears in the black field above the P and the R in the word PRESENTS. Assuming I can address the other issues I've been having, I can probably live with the single dead pixel. I really appreciate everyone's advice and help. I have some electronics skills, but I still consider myself relatively a novice at all this stuff. I know how to identify and replace components, but I'm ignorant as to much of the actual theory of how they work.
  10. SOLVED (kind of)!!!! I reinstalled the inductor and the original screen. The GameDrive menu worked and I could load a game with sound and video. As I was uninstalling the inductor and original screen again, I noticed a tiny little ceramic capacitor on my work bench that should not have been there. I frantically started looking over the Lynx motherboard for where one might have fallen off. Nothing. Then I checked the PCB for the BennVenn screen. Dun dun DUNNNN!!! C7 was missing and it had some shoddy looking solder on the pads. Got my tweezers and magnifier and managed to solder it back into place. Hooked everything back up and it worked! Except when it didn't. Every once in a while it will give me the blank screen at the menu. I will probably contact BennVenn and ask for a replacement. C7 is likely not the only component with shoddy solder joints. The screen he sent also has a dead pixel in a very annoying spot. Also, I solved the file problem I had been having by just using a different formatting method for my SD card.
  11. I cut the copper backing open to access the LCD pins. but I folded it back down and secured it with kapton tape. The BennVenn screen works great on my Lynx... no issues with regular cartridges. Even before I installed Benn's screen in this, I was having buggy behavior from the GameDrive. I wonder if I just got a faulty cart.
  12. Interestingly, when I do have the optional wire soldered, the scanline and dimming function of the BACKLIGHT button works (including turning the screen completely off) on the RetroHQ logo screen, firmware update screen, and the self test screen. Once it gets to what should be the menu screen and/or I blindly load into a game (as indicated solely by sound and music), the BACKLIGHT button will no longer dim the screen or make scanlines.
  13. I just tested loading a game blindly. It did indeed load the game as indicated by the game's sound and music playing. However, the screen is still blank. Again the screen works fine with standard game cartridges. I'm using the latest BennVenn screen (Rev.6). It's solderless, but has an optional configuration where you can solder one wire for scanlines. I installed it with the optional soldered wire. However, I just now desoldered that wire and tested again. The issue persists. My model has RF shielding.
  14. Well, I understand you and other talented engineers in the retro gaming community put in countless hours trying to make these 30 year old machines do things they were never designed to do. So I appreciate your hard work and the work of others like you. If you can't think of a possible solution within a couple weeks, send me your mailing address and I'll find a way to ship my Lynx your way.
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