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  1. OldStyle


    Well said! This is a treat and it's fun to play. Top-notch choice and development on this!
  2. I've heard of PacMan-elbow before and I'm beginning to think Bob is on a mission to induce more PacMan ailments. Fantastic work!
  3. @Trebor getting down to the nitty-gritty! Very nice of you to hash out a comprehensive guide for this. Cannot help but laugh at the ballers turning into zombies! 🧟‍♂️
  4. Quite exceptional Muddy, and an OST in there to boot! I like the home HUD, it's very reminiscent of those old Origin/Sierra games.
  5. Hmm would be interesting to see how that is and not bad as an option if it's feasible. I played the FDS version a while back and recall the jumping as well as how incredibly short the game was.. 25-30 phases total?
  6. I remember the Princess Rescue thing and thought that was harsh considering it didn't look like or make me think yeah that's SMB. Didn't know about the C64 version though, that's unfortunate. I understand protecting their IP and all but it's hard to tell with this because it seems like there's a port for every system unlike SMB which exclusively was on the big-n systems. Probably best to keep it on the DL. Afterall, we're trying to figure out if a version of mario+pokey exists
  7. Thanks Pat! Yes I was having some troubles with it for score as it seemed to bog things down, plus with the zone height at 16 and having the p-lives stacked presented some problems. Here's an early shot on how it looked. I had (and still do) the top zone locked because with the player jumping high enough would partially enter 320 mode, looking funky.
  8. Hi Shawn, thanks man. I feel like I'm at the final stretch with it. A few concerns though: a) will it run on hardware- I'm assuming it will, but I just don't know. It definitely runs thru Bup and a78 no problems. No yellow screen of death! b) space available- the lack thereof is creeping in. Worst case scenario for this is I'd have to settle for only certain pairs of critters visible together as opposed to all them together at any time. I think the arcade version does this to an extent, seems like the sidestepper/fighterfly pairings happen often. Anyhow, I hope that's not the case. c) probably the biggest one - you know who dropping the hammer on it. Does the fact that this was released before on the 7800 make a difference or not?
  9. Thanks for the greets, Defender! I've lurked here from time to time because I still have a soft spot for those ancient video games.. that and the 2600 & particularly the 7800 DK port I saw years back changed my outlook on the system and it led me here. I guess the best way to put it is there will be more or less a close, respectable representation for everything, staying true to what's there not veering off too far when it comes down to it. As for the creeper anims I hear ya man- Not a fan of the purple-skinned zombie turtles! I had to ration anims in 3s for the most part (walking, turning, kicked, bumped, etc). There are many sprites dedicated to them exclusively and they eat up bank quick! I believe I have decent key frames in the right sequence so it's not too shabby. I toyed with 320 modes but it seemed heavy to dig into at first, especially without any knowledge or feel for it. I did have the score in, I think it was 320C mode, going across as you describe with the pipe being higher but I scrapped it in favor of performance. It sure looked nice though. Might give it another crack after I wrap up the core gameplay of it. Again, appreciate the welcome!
  10. The arcade version, as far as I can tell, has the critters capped at 6 and 4 fireballs (there's a 2nd red fb introduced in later stages). I forget how many icicles drop at a time, but those max out at 6 total if I recall. I can relate to what you are eluding to since I've been working on a port of it, on and off in piecemeal fashion since early 2019. At one point early on, I stopped working on it for about 6-7 months. However, each time I come back to it, I'm reminded that it's not too bad!! With that said, I suppose now is a good time as any to tell the enthusiasts here that a fresh port is much closer than ya think! I'd estimate it's roughly 65%-70% complete, and by that I'm referring to core game elements which would exclude the title screen, demonstrations, scoreboard, etc. Those I plan on adding last, although I do have an early title screen which needs re-working. Graphics mode is 160A/B and sprites are more or less finished aside from a few needed for the demonstration screens. The palette is very close to the arcade version and sprites were completely redrawn. There are some exceptions with how things look, like with the icicles (not a fan of the arcade sprite), some of the death anims, and green instead of yellow for the alternate POW color.. more fitting for Luigi.. oh, and turtles will get out of their shell. I do have a little bit of sound in there as well which I think is turning out decently. Player and enemy movement is mostly completed, aside from the interactions between Mario and Luigi (bumping into each other, jump on-squish). As of late, this project has caught my focus again and thus I have been refactoring the code, fine-tuning things related to player movement and collisions/hit detection with and between enemies. Once I'm wrapped up with that I will share a demo of some kind which will hopefully be sooner rather than later. The playfield is smaller, but I don't think it's an issue as it's easy to become acquainted with it. As a result the gameplay itself will feel just a tad faster than other ports and not as floaty as the arcade and NES versions. The player movement and platforming elements feel just right though. I suppose I should create another thread for this? In the interim, I've attached a few screenshots:
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