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  1. All C compilers package that I know include an assembler since it is used in the compilation process of C source code..
  2. Then maybe use CC65 with your favorite text editor?
  3. The A4000... That's some bucket list unicorn dream of mine 🙂 They're extremely rare in my Province, if not the whole of Canada. The only one I know of locally was at Radio-Canada in Montreal that one of my friend used for some titling on videos. Never even touch one myself... boohoo...
  4. It doesn't really help, at least it doesn't give me as good a display that my breadbin gives me. Beside, there's almost nothing that is exclusive to the C128 that I can't live without. I've relegated my last 1571, that I used to have connected to my C128, to ZoomFloppy duty for when I get some stuff on floppies to archive. But the C64 breadbin has replaced the C128 for good in my setup.
  5. I also have an U2+, but I retired my C128 due to it having a less pleasing video output than my C64 breadbin.
  6. It's, supposedly, a better emulation of the sid from what I read.
  7. You could always go with a modern solution like the ArmSid. Way less costly and will last longer...
  8. The cart comes with two floppies?
  9. You can go The 8 Bit Guy way and create one yourself, like he did for his PCjr keyboard. A thin piece of aluminium and a clear P-Touch label.
  10. We didn't know anything else back then, so it wasn't really a problem. Now we can own multiple systems and do comparaisons, but back in the day this was a rare thing. I was a considered a big nerd since I did owned a C64 and an Atari system at the same time, but both were past their prime by then.
  11. That, or sometime a seller who's out of stock presently will leave his auction/sell ads up with such a price knowing nobody will buy it, to save on the trouble of creating a new one. When he has some new stock on hand, he just modify the price to something more in line with the market.
  12. I got one of those lately: https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Haier-15in-LCD-Flat-Screen-TV-Television-HL15E-Factory-Sealed-NIB-New/274523399531 Works really great and has composite/svideo/hdmi/vga inputs. I also got one of those: https://www.ebay.ca/itm/ViewEra-V151HV-15-Black-Monitor/303209999108 Which also has composite/svideo/vga. Both work well with my C64 and Atari 130XE in svideo and with mi Ti and A2E in composite.
  13. And I sure didn't mean to crap on the Fujinet, as I know most of my problem are probably a big case of PEBKAC as anything else. I think a simple one or two page instruction instead of the small business card would've been nice. I'll give it another go this weekend with the help of the Fujinet website on an old laptop (My classic computers aren't in the same room as my PC/Mac which makes browsing for FAQ a bit complicated).
  14. As a new Fujinet user and a U2+ user for a couple of months, going with my personal experience here, I find the U2+ a bit more user friendly then the Fujinet out of the box. Said box includes a basic manual for my U2+ while the Fuji as a small card showing where the switches are. on the U2+ all I had to do was loading my USB key with .d64/.g64/.tap/.cart,hook up the audio jack, tape adapter and network cable and I’m good to go. On the Fujinet, I can run some xex some of the time, but I can’t load my big bundle of game atr since Fujinet hangs trying to process the list. The networking would be cool if I could make it work. None of the available online terminal program loads correctly, dropping my at a ready prompt after loading... In fact the only program I could start remotely was copy 2000 which I mounted on d2: then tried to copy it on my working 1050 on d1: and it failed... I understand that we’re comparing a new product under development versus an established one here and I can live with that. But I must admit that the U2+ is a more complete solution for the time being.
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