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  1. Regarding demand, I think consoles sold originally is irrelevant. Thoroughly anecdotal, but I have coupla friends who would buy a mini Jag, as would I. The console’s legacy has grown over decades, and prices are through roof. (Typed as fellow who picked wrong time to procure the 23 original-release carts I lacked. Down to Atari Karts and NBA Jam, plus a box for Rayman.)
  2. And ... it appears to be fake. Bah! Bah, I type!
  3. Very interesting! Howbeit, stating it "includes All games from the Jaguar library" is silly as there are only 22 original cart games listed. The library wasn't *that* bad.
  4. Testify. I procured Jag used in August 1994 from friend who fell for my endless Atari hype. The only game that interested him (or me) at that point was T2K and he was tired of waiting. Indeed, I had to wait for October for game that interested me, AvP. Atari released 11 games in first 11 months. That can be summed in two words: Puh Thetic.
  5. You should divest yourself of the collection by transporting a PS5 gamer to a fancy chair in a cave where you can huck games at his head like throwing stars if he dare have the temerity to ask if the Jaguar has many games ...
  6. Road Rash. I was obsessed with Genesis game in college, and followed the sequels on PlayStation. I always figured if a new version was released for a later PS, I'd have to make the plunge, but instead, PS2 remains my most recent Sony console. I was highly prejudiced against Stupor Burnout for years because it looked swell, but I didn't get to grab weapon from opponents and whomp them off. I was like, just racing? Feh. I have since learned to appreciate SB as a racing game instead of racing/combat (or perhaps combat/racing is my preference).
  7. Güd gråvêè, there be lights ryecheer!
  8. Weelah! Thank you to Mr. Jones and any other Rebooters for so generously rewarding this Rebootee! The purported lesser item (Superfly DX cart) is insanely great! (This is not the canvas print’s final hanging place. Not sure yet where it will go. I have some rearranging to do, and my game room is trashed due to closing work office and shunting many things to storage and the rest into home.)
  9. It took me some googlerizing, but I found the secret to the service menu on my Sony KV-27S42 and tweaked things to make the entire image fit. Thanks for the tip!
  10. I believe 2,685,050 is pernt near as high as I can score.
  11. 2 million no longer a theory but a law. If I nail a run, I think I could add 450,000. But that’s likely my top. I’m slaughtering survivors wantonly (with extra wantons) on portions of second and fourth verticals, and I’m sure there’s some golden path that would treble my score. I’m kinda glad Tripled79 didn’t rage to top of charts. Since T79 only had copy a coupla weeks, I would have felt like I should cut prize in half and send a chunk.
  12. Ruiner was one of the games that I enjoyed in Jag's life, both in gameplay and raw-power coolness. (Others are probably usual suspects: AvP, Defender 2000, Irony Soldier, Missile Command 3D, T2K. And, yeah, that was it for me at the time.) I read interview with developer (or programmer or designer or some such), who said there were two ways to do the collision detection for the flippers: the right way, and the way he did it. Overall, I really dig the graphics, sounds, music, gameplay, and designs. It's harder than crud and I can't get very far. I may have reached Defcon 2 at some point, but it felt more like luck. I took Pinball Fantasies for dreck back in the daze. I got fairly into it for a time last year. It's fun and has more realistic physics ... although I'm not sure how realistic the physics could be in Ruiner as experimenting with destroying planes, tanks, and people with a steel ball might prove difficult.
  13. Hot Potatoes in the Sunshine! Sweet Mother of Gravy! People have often said, "Boy, you're a real winner," but it was obviously sarcasm. I'm fairly flabbergasted as I spent hours on Rebooteroids and never got a score in any variant close to those atop scoreboards. I'll shed a little light now that I'm officially 10 feet tall and covered in gold: I mentioned earlier that I kilt myself by crashing into a boss after destroying it, regenerating the dude and letting me whack it again. (The boss, not, you know ...) I noticed sometimes I got 50,000 points, and sometimes 100,000. I thought for a while it was a reward for a certain number of boss kills. Nay, I discovered in last week that you get 50,000 for killing it, plus 50,000 if you can score a second shot after death throes arrive. It's tricky cuz you lose ability to fire as it's dying. After experimentation, I learnt that although it's more intuitive to think you'll get a double kill as it's zooming toward you, it's only possible as it moves away. So, I blast it until it has one shot left (I can't see health bar on right side of screen for first kill many times due to cropping; it's much easier to see after first kill.) Wait until it zooms away, and double blast it. Try to make sure it's toward center cuz sometimes you can't kill yourself if it's too far to right. The easiest bosses to whack with this technique are second and fourth. I generally have 54 rescues after first level(s), procure both extra shots, plus two lives. Get to second boss, kilt it until 3 lives remain, then do vertical stage. Top off lives to 9 after third stage and buy coupla shields, then whack fourth boss until 3-4 lives remain. Fifth boss tougher to double kill but heroes do what they can. I may be able to top 2 million, but my other video games are considering class-action lawsuit for lack of consortium. Aside from such chicanery, memorize everything; it especially is handy when pesky foreground blocks the proceedings and you have to go by cranial memory and sound. Thanks creating this'n here masterpiece, and your generosity in offering prize(s). As a greedy Amerikan jackowitz, I have not forgotten the solemn pledge that first to reach top rank would receive a smaller prize. Heyo! I'll get you my mailing info sometime soon. Thanks again, Mr. Jones, sir!
  14. I’m curious about the difficulty of 0 on scoreboard. I thought it might be related to number of lives, but a high score in game started with three lives was listed as 0.
  15. * *not actual image of Editorb
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