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  1. I get that. But as said, other programs I download work so far. However, I will try what you said. PSU check is easy for me and indeed I have not opened up the unit, yet. Last thing, how do I get the full version of the SW, because at least this recognizes DOS formatted cards and I can dump applications.
  2. So I did all that and what was written above and it really already helped a lot, especially in regards to file transfer between Atari 1040STf and any other computer (also booted up an older linux OS configured the SD card for DOS and flashed it). My issue is, it is still not playing the Games even the 1mb files. I also cannot swap SD cards and have to restart the Ultrasatan when something is changed. However if I download a program like Cubase Lite, it is no issue to run it on the SD card. The issue with my SD card which I purchased (amigastore.eu) is the same as described initially and I cannot even mount it with an older linux distribution. It has the ICD pro installed and Kobold and at lest these programs on the main partition are running, which is nice, but as I cannot run anything else and I cannot mount it on any other devise, nor the Ultrasatan recognises the second SD card it becomes basically worthless? However these issues are for along the way as I just got into this machine and still have a lot to learn. Main point: Any hints how I get it to play the games?
  3. I am noob!

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