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  1. Closest thing I came across on the C64 was this: Emkay mentioned the fish eye effect in Star Raiders, only ever seen it used again in Glyn Williams Warhead ST/Amiga and playing as the Alien in Rebellion Software's original PC AVP.
  2. Robobolt C64 (it came with the second hand C64 we bought) which recieved 3% in Zzap64 😂 Xenocracy PS1... that terrible realization i had been conned by the marketing and should of waited for the reviews. Tomb Raider PS1... the controls simply killed it there and then for me. Jaws PS2.. can't be doing with that camera system, just can't.
  3. Star Raiders is widely considered to be the very first "Killer App" piece of software and to this day, I still read of high profile UK industry figures saying this was the game that simply blew them away and got them into coding. I know ST Star Raiders and A8 Star Raiders II have their fans, but the original is held in the highest regards and rightly so.
  4. Simply THE title that made me deeply regret having to sell my 800XL to fund the purchase of a C64. Missed playing it so much 😭 And to those who mentioned Capt Sticky's Gold and Tank Commander, I salute you. I'm going with: Desmonds Dungeon
  5. Very, very sad news. The ZX81 was my only Sinclair machine, but what an introduction to computer games it gave me.
  6. Few more odds n sods regarding Atari UK Prices.. Maplin 1981 prices. Adda 1982 Spectrum 1983 £399.99 for a 48K Atari 800 vs £345.00 for the 64K C64 Atari 800 cartridge games at £29.99 for top end titles. Also throwing in the Atari Vs Coleco snippet.
  7. Whilst NOT the need piece I was thinking of, it does mention the 5200 and gives you an idea who'd of been handling it at Atari UK, had things been different.
  8. Sorry, I should have made it a bit clearer, I meant the original 400/800 machines, the 800XL, 600XL (aimed at less affluent end of the consumer market) and XE line, were indeed good VFM but when Star Raiders was the Killer App and drawing gasps of amazement, so few could afford an Atari computer to play it on. Think I put the press clipping up earlier where Atari tried to justify the high cost of software. Another Atari UK statement on 7800
  9. If you can give me a few days, I'm back at work now, I will see what I can do.
  10. The Atari computers and software for them, suffered from being far too expensive and failed to get a real foothold in the UK. Atari selling the 65XE system, 2600 and 7800 at same time didn't help the 7800 either.
  11. Smattering more of UK Press covering the US Crash and Nolan venturing into home robotics.
  12. Think the only thing you'd find in UK Press is the machines CES appearance, plans for it to replace the 2600 here, then the official statement from Atari it won't be coming after all.
  13. Never understood what all the fuss was about at the time for the following: Dead Space II Any F-ZERO title. Uncharted 4 Any Core Design Tomb Raider title. Soulstar Bonaza Bros Sonix Adventure II Duke Nukem 3D Bulletstorm G. T A:San Andreas and GTA 5 Red Dead Redemption. Serious Sam Ultra Vortex MKiii Alien Trilogy Titles unfairly scored/I got a lot out of: Hoverstrike Alpha Protocol The Saboteur (Pandemic PS3) Delta C64 (yes, it's a memory test, but played with lights off, music up loud, it was a real experience) Colony A8 Red Max A8 Milk Race A8
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