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  1. Many thanks to all of you. Othello is working now.🤩 For Video Olympics I have to buy me the Peddale controllers.😎 The last time I had an Atari, I was 6-7 Years old (~1991). So I'm quite new in the Atari universe. I've bought the Vader-console last month. My jr's are from december.
  2. I hope anyone can tell me a solution for my problem. Two old modules (Othello, Video Olympics) for my Atari 2600 "Vader" doesn't want to start correctly. At Video Olympics there are no pedals for the players and at Othello there you can put your stones where ever you want. At my Retron 77 I don't have any problems with these cartridges...... It's weird because for me it tells me, that these modules are ok. At my 2600jr there are the same bugs...... So the Atari-Consoles seem to be ok too. Does anyone know, that there are compatibility problems with Atari-Consoles from 1982 and newer and cartridges from the 70s or 1980?
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