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  1. I have a standard floppy drive, Atari branded, its badly yellowed but i assume it probably still works. I have a 3.5 floppy drive but also a 5.25 drive as well (back unit) I assume I can swap them between easily. I am fairly certain these computers only took the 3.5 floppys/drives. I have checked my inventory of games, these ones do not seem to be dumped? R Type 1 by Electric Dream Software Questprobes Spiderman The President is Missing Arrakis Advantage Biology Vol 1., respiration. Are any of these considered rare? I want to say they were probably made produced in the 10,000 range, no? I will probably order that adapter just to see what’s on these floppy’s.
  2. Thanks for all the responses folks! I see quite a few options now. I would say that cost but functionality are both key reasons to pick a solution and only need a 3.5inch floppy option. Below is a list of the options 1. Kryoflux (most expensive option as the pro version is 200 pounds not recommended by any posters) 2. Greaseweazle v4 (least expensive with free shipping code but multiple sellers based in Europe) 3. Greaseweazle v7 (slightly more expensive compared to the v4, made to order via facebook group seems to provide better support 5 1/4 floppy drives) 4. Free option using software and driver floimgd option/software The next issue is that many of these are video game floppy’s. I know you’ve mentioned that these tools do not work with copy protected games and it is a bit tricky as many different types of protections exist. I have a few examples, Batman Caped Crusader and Lombard Rally. Will I be able to back up these using option 2 or should I try option 4?
  3. Hello all, Long time lurker, first time post! With the pandemic I recently located a box full of Atari ST software and some hardware (floppy drive and 51/4 drive too). I am wondering if there is an adapter to connect the floppy drive that I located to a Windows PC to backup/check these treasures. The actual Atari ST was sold long ago.
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