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  1. I posted a few copies of the EPROM Emulator on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/154425061318 And of course the project is open-sourced, so you can build your own: https://github.com/MicroCoreLabs/Pro...EPROM_Emulator
  2. Yup, totally works... (for systems like the IBM XT) The OE_n signal is attached to the output enables of the data buffers, so it does not corrupt the bus. For for systems that use separate OE_n and CS_n like the PCjr will need a jumper wire. It was a proof of concept which was fun and inexpensive to make. Five boards were made, so im gauging the interest in building more... Improvements could include supporting both CS_n and OE_n, pinouts for pre-EPROM devices, or multiple chip-selects so a single board can support multiple socketed ROMS.
  3. Hi, I thought I would share my small EPROM Emulator project: Link to EPROM Emulator Project It's a little smaller and simpler than some of the other EPROM emulators, so maybe someone could find useful. Thanks, -Ted
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