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  1. I would like to have the right to edit 1st post in my project topic: Thanks!
  2. Hi guys, I want to share here a little project I've been working on for about 2 years now. BlueRetro is a universal multiplayer Bluetooth controller adapter for retro consoles. No Atari systems supported yet but I'm working on Genesis support right now, so Atari 2600/7800 we land simultaneously. 5200 & Jaguar we come later down the line. A cool thing with BlueRetro is that since it's multiplayer you can map multiple controller on one. This will be great for games like Raider of the Lost Ark & Robotron! See main project page at hackaday.io And github repo. See my roadmap for more info on upcoming features. I'm currently looking for 25 Beta testers. I will sell each DevKit 100 USD (No money taken upfront) since the low volume and external assembly will add to the cost. I will also make any cable you want for 20 USD (30 USD for those that require more work). Alternatively you can buy a cable kit for 5 USD that will only include the PCB pre-soldered with the SMD parts & the DB25 connector. (You got to source the cable & backshell yourself). I expect to ship the unit for beta around December 2020. I will send people on the list a paypal invoice once they are ready to ship. You can add your name to the preorder list via this form: https://forms.gle/TyieHLHRTFCQXz46A See some background info here: https://hackaday.io/project/170365-blueretro/log/177934-background-and-current-status Let me know if you got any questions!
  3. This is a valid point. As an example my Cube64 fork I started back in 2011, by the end of 2011, I was pretty much completely unmotivated from working on it for various real life reason. I had promised various features and bug fix that I never really worked on. Through the years I kept getting emails asking for the current status and simply ignored them, until one day in fall 2017 I got yet another of those email but somehow instead of ignoring it I decided "OK let's do this!". I worked again on the project through out 2018 fixing all the bugs and adding all the features and finally completing the project 100% by the end of that year. In my case no money was involved since it's a DIY project and I never sold any but still I had given my word publicly. So I would agree that waiting patiently certainly doesn't help one bit getting things done. Bitching about it every day won't help for sure, but bitching every few months is fair enough I think.
  4. I'm a dev too and I got my own project going on. I do it because I love it. I don't take people money upfront since this set expectations which is normal. If preorder didnt cover the cost its not the problem of the end user. When you take people money you become accountable to those person. If there is a software problem holding the release then action need to be taken. Reaching out publicly will only help. Nothing happen waiting for someone to have time to do it. Will more money raise from extra preorder motivate them? If not I'm sure there is dev out there out of a job that would gladly take the contract.
  5. I guess the point here is if you don't have a target objective, things will drag forever. Their is a lot of value to complete a project event if it's now 100% perfect. I think the demo music is a good example of thing that could have been dropped. Or maybe it's just a freebies since it's not the critical path of the project. We don't know since we don't really got updates. I'm in this for 10 years and been very patient and quiet and I won't give up my spot, my DK XM is ready to be used. That being said, I think 10 year is a nice round number and it would be nice to see this ship this year. If their is "No shortage of people here who want one" lets get those people to make new preorder, generate some cash flow that way and let's pay someone full time to finish the firmware. My Two Cents
  6. Well money was taken 10 year ago soon, I think it's reasonable to wonder if time is put on the important stuff to get it shipped some day.
  7. I thought we would have our XM by the 10th anniversary of the preorder. I wonder how realistic it is now.
  8. Got my last package stock in Japan: Sega SG1000 II & Master System. Both with no hookup and only controller for the SG. Good amount of games including some my card for both SG & mark 3. Both listing AS-IS but they both work fine! This pretty much complete my home console collection. Probably got a few years worth of modding and cleaning ahead with all I got this spring (coleco, intellivision, CDI, PCFX, AES, SG, SMS). Good I got the SG, cause the palette on SMS for SG games are way more off than I expected!!
  9. Finally got some of my EMS package stuck in Japan. Took ~45 days vs usual 3. So EMS really rely on passenger plane! NeoGeo AES & PC-FX and some games. Both work great! Both were from low feedback seller on YJA and with emulator screenshot. So no bid war! AES got UniBios 3.2 and it a professional install. Will update EPROM later to v4.
  10. Since we are in retro computing lately I finally put my hand a Dolch PAC 65. Its in a amazing condition. The ebay seller made an amazing job packing it. I was afraid it wouldn't survive the san diego -> montreal journey. I plan to use it as a bridge between old and new like CuriousMarc: I might install a few DOS games. And maybe some Win9x game if I buy a PowerVR PCX2 some days.
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