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  1. A 75" CRT would have to weigh a literal ton lol.
  2. Regular: Bayou Billy Double Dragon Kung Fu Batman RollerGames Vice Project Doom Legendary Wings Rad Racer Breakthru Mighty Bomb Jack Arcade: Palamedes Bump n Jump Gyruss Jackal Bad Dudes
  3. I'm down for some Batman!
  4. Americans might not have been aware that Secret of Mana was a sequel. The first game was released as Final Fantasy Adventure here.
  5. I wouldn't mind playing Bump n Jump again. I did well last time we played. I'm also one of the few who can beat the game. I also second Rad Racer, Kung Fu, Legendary Wings, Cobra Triangle and Vice Project Doom. Some good picks there.
  6. NES Power Punch II. I guess there's the "II" because it's kind of, sort of supposed to be a sequel to Mike Tyson's Punch-Out? I'd never even heard of it back in the day and I was obsessed with MTPO.
  7. Console rather than game, RCA Studio II There was no RCA Studio I.
  8. Double Dragon 3 doesn't keep score. Maybe it could be played for progress.
  9. I love Bayou Billy, but the driving stages are the worst part. It actually pays to take it slow and risk losing a life from running out of time rather than lose a bunch of lives from going too fast.
  10. Just to let everyone know I am mbd30 but had to make a new account because I don't know what. I don't know why my password didn't work after I reinstalled Firefox.
  11. About the new username, it's a long story. I did a fresh re-install of Firefox today to fix a glitch and then I couldn't get back into my account with the password I have written down. Not to mention my mbd30 account was created in 2006 with a now defunct email address and I couldn't get a new password sent to my current email. So I had to make a new account. It's been a nightmare.
  12. Yeah MTPO would have to be played for best times instead of points. I like the arcade games idea too.
  13. Bayou Billy RollerGames Jackal Palamedes Gyruss
  14. To be fair, NES also has Karate Champ, Yie Ar Kung Fu and Urban Champion.
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