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  1. 921,400 I beat the game with 5 lives left!
  2. Do you get a different ending if you beat it twice? Otherwise I don't know why you'd have to do that.
  3. Some of the most iconic PS1 games were not on the mini such as Crash Bandicoot series and Gran Turismo (understandable for licensing reasons but they could have changed the soundtrack). That hurt it along with all the other issues that have been discussed. The PS1 is several years shy of being 30 years old, more than old enough for people to be nostalgic.
  4. Reached the final boss with 6 lives and still failed. Seriously fuck that shark.
  5. I didn't even try to beat the game because I know how quickly score disappears after the final boss and I wanted to get a picture.
  6. Another thing, guys. You only need two speed upgrades to beat the game. Any more than that is an unnecessary difficulty increase. I start with one upgrade and get the second much later in the game when I need it for the ramps. I also recommend maxing out missiles and upgrading FIRE until you have the forward spread shot. Homing missiles make it a lot easier to do well in the target stages which gives huge points as well as extra lives.
  7. I think that 1up was put there so that players can fully upgrade at the beginning of the game. It's what I do when playing casually, but I wouldn't do it in a contest.
  8. Nice. I recently beat this for the first time. High score will depend a lot on doing well in the target stages.
  9. It takes a few tries to pick up on the pattern. Just get in close and duck and get a bunch of sword hits in when it's shooting fire and then jump on the platforms when it's going to come at you. The sword is incredibly useful against bosses as it can quickly deal a bunch of damage. Also you can walk while ducking.
  10. You know what else is a good game? Vice Project Doom! 😂
  11. I had some stupid deaths that added to my score but there was no deliberate point pressing.
  12. I've actually never played this. I'll try to get a score in anyway.
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