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  1. Games ahead of their time. I would nominate: Starflight (PC) Pirates (Various systems) Railroad Tycoon (PC) Donkey Kong Country (SNES) Treasures of Tarmin (Intellivision, previously mentioned) B-17 Bomber (Intellivision) Adventure (Atari 2600) Airborne Ranger (C64) Legend of Zelda (NES)
  2. I play this version quite often. Thanks for all the hard work you put into this. Now the wait begins for an improved DK Jr.
  3. I'm in the "Text parser was better than point and click camp." Text added the richness that you described. When point and click came along, it destroyed the storytelling. With point and click, it just became a game of trial and error with the mouse.
  4. I had a PC Jr. back in the day, and one of the games designed to showcase the system was King's Quest. I bought it because the graphics were so vibrant, and the idea of controlling a character in 3-D was new. Then I got a Tandy 1000 SX, and KQ was quickly followed up by Space Quest, KQ2, and I bought them immediately. I bought every Sierra game from then on. I was always excited to play each new game. Some were good...some were great. My favorite Sierra games were: KQ3, SQ2, SQ3, PQ1, PQ2, LSL1, QFG1 (I still have the original Hero's Quest), both Manhunters, and Hoyle 1.
  5. A friend of mine got the system on launch day, and after playing a bit of SMW, I went out and got my own system. SMW was a strong selling point for me, because at that point, I had playing SMB3 through hundreds of times and needed a new Super Mario game to play. I picked up a few additional launch games, and my wife (who was a gamer) loved the purchases, so it was win-win all around.
  6. Thanks, much appreciated. I don't get stuck too often, but any help is welcomed.
  7. MicroProse was such a powerhouse back in the day and they did a great job with Darklands. To me it seemed like a game that Baldur's Gate took a lot of inspiration from. I just started on a LucasArts kick. I've been playing The Dig off and on. The last time I played it was over 25 years ago, so it seems fresh.
  8. This is such an impressive feat of a game for the 2600. Well done sir. It captures the feel of the Ultima III or IV era so well.
  9. Thanks for the advice. I've played all of the graphic adventures from LucasArts, Sierra, Dynamix, MicroProse, Accolade, Interplay (minus James Bond) etc... Back in the day, if it was a graphic adventure or interactive fiction, I played it if I knew about it. I take your word for it that there are much better games. I did watch some videos of the game and did see some of the action sequences, and they kinda reminded me of Manhunter. But I'm probably way off. That might make an interesting thread. Ranking graphic adventures.
  10. I've never played the Speed Racer game. I might have to check it out. I sure hope it drives better than the original Test Drive. That game was very taxing. I just recently re-discovered James Bond - The Stealth Affair from Interplay. I'd forgotten how much fun that game was. It got lost in the mix back in the day and didn't get much attention. A graphical adventure that's very similar to Sierra's quest games.
  11. In my alternate Atari universe, everything happens as it did, but in '83, Tomy buys Atari and we suddenly have LCD arcade machines.
  12. I bought them when they released, but also got one or both of them in an Interplay compilation a few years later. GoG is the way to go though if you don't have a particular DOS game. They make it so convenient since they already have the games running in DOSBox.
  13. I liked the Academy games also. That's why I mentioned them.
  14. That's great, thanks. It's one of those games that should work on most systems. I bet it could be made on the 2600 too.
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