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  1. Dragon Warrior I & II for sure! I never got to play III & IV. 16-bit goes to Crono Trigger! That is the most fun I've ever had playing classic RPGS.
  2. Cool thread! I still have vivid and fond memories of me just gazing at cartridge covers over and over as a little kid. There's just something about them. I've always been drawn to visual art, maybe that's why. I think the Jaguar carts are really cool, even though they do not stack well. The SNES carts are a little strange looking at them now but at the time I didn't think so. As for CD's, I don't really prefer one over the other. It just reminds me of a time when things were changing. I remember thinking that CDs were so modern at the time.
  3. We had a second transaction. I bought two Jaguar games, everything went as planned, and they arrived in three days!
  4. That's exactly what I'm looking for. I need a Jaguar game with some depth. Arcade style games are fun and that's why I love the Jaguar, but I need something with some serious replay value. Thanks
  5. I've never played these games before and have only read about them. Do any of you enjoy the Jaguar versions and are they worth getting for about $10-15 for each? I know they're two different types of games but I want to get both and want to read your opinions on them. I think I vaguely remember someone saying they are both excellent?
  6. Great to deal with, ships extremely fast! Trustworthy too.
  7. You are a god among men sir. Do you know how many men in today's world can't even fathom doing a thing like that?!? Build it ourselves? What? Hard work? What? Dedication? The know-how? It seems simple to you probably because you've been doing it all your life but I admire you sir. I know so many wusses and sissies that have no idea how to build something of quality with their own two hands. Good for you man!
  8. See what I mean? It's fun as hell. The problems are very minor and for me, it just adds another dimension of difficulty. I bought this and Doom (again!) and I'm having so much fun with the Jaguar right now! My collection is growing, I have 25 games now, 21 of them CIB!
  9. $110 is a pretty good price for IS2 on cartridge. It usually sells for quite a bit more - if you can find it. I didn't mean any disrespect, I know Carl as a business to run. It's just that I'd rather go without than pay that much. I'm holding out for a CIB for a little less.
  10. Sorry Carl, $110 is too steep for me. I'll have to wait until I see it for less. Nice try though.
  11. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the Atari Jaguar cartridges! They even have a round handle to pull them out of the system by. I don't know why but I always thought the Jaguar carts were awesome looking, sleek and pleasing to handle. The Genesis cartridges are cool too. Small but not too small, and sleek looking too.
  12. The worst is yet to come. The gigantic confusing teleporter mazes, the massive slowdowns when enemies clog the screen... hooo boy, you're in for a "blast" all right. You don't scare me! I'm pretty good at shooting the enemies very quickly and relieving the congestion so far. By the way I like Cybermorph just fine, its just that so much more could have been done with that game. But what's the point, the past is the past. And I haven't noticed any shortage of enemies yet. There seems to be too many actually on some levels.
  13. I wish they would have used the in-between stages for some shoot-em up levels! That would have been awesome. It's too bad the early Jaguar developers didn't have a handle on the technology like the developers of I-War seemed to have. I wish Cybermorph would have been polished like I-War. The action of the tank in I-War is so smooth compared to Cybermorph and the shaded polygons look ten times better than Cybermorph's too. I know Cybermorph came out almost 2 years earlier but that game was so rushed. They should have waited to release the system and game and get good developers tools to people. Anyway I'm off-topic now.
  14. Atari should have stuck to the Jaguars forte and released more basic 3D games like Iron Soldier and I-War. They could added just a few more textures and created high detailed sprites or digitized sprites with many frames of animation and had some really great looking games. I wonder how Hoverstrike would have played with 80% less textures! Because that game is almost perfect to me, if it would have had a little less slow-down when multiple enemies appear it would have been perfect.
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