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  1. Apologies, certainly didn't mean to offend, I didn't think about emailing. Will do.
  2. Just tried again, these are the options available to me.... Where am I going wrong?
  3. Oh wow that makes a big difference, I must have got something wrong. Thanks for the correction! I'll have another look.
  4. Damn, shame I missed Moon Mine, I'm pretty good at that game. I don't have Superstorm but will keep an eye to see what next Months game is. I'm not that good at many but will be fun to have some scores to compete with again. We used to write down a high scores list for the games back in the day, now that's old school😃
  5. It is a shame about the postage, looked it up last night and the postage/handling alone is over $60, so looking at over $100 delivered and then there's the lovely import tax and PO fees to pay so would probably be not far off £100 UK pounds all in. I'll have to make do watching youtube vids of that one🤤 Game sure does look great, love discovering this stuff after all these years. Pretty incredible.
  6. Damn, how does it work then? If it's an unofficial cart release then I'm a bit screwed here in the UK as postage for any of these recent releases is a killer to here, especially when you have import tax and po fees to add.
  7. That looks good, tbh I've been playing loads now and I don't even notice this small detail anymore. I'm pretty stunned tbh how great the picture is with the Scart cable. Rose tinted glasses often hamper memories and almost put me off revisiting things of my youth, certainly not the case with the TI99, looks and plays amazing still. Speaking of which I need to rebuy A-Maze-Ing, loved that game.
  8. As a side note, now you've mentioned Tutankham the finalgrom has become even more essential! Damn I didn't even know about this! Slippery... ....................Slope,!
  9. Ah I got the wrong end of the stick it seems(hehe pun intended). I watched a video where the guy was loading the roms and seem d to suggest the Parker Bros games required the 32k. Glad I'm not going crazy as I did think it odd for me not to remember that ungainly looking add-on. Yes I'm using the original cart. It may have a fault of course by I'll try a change the joysticks over later just incase. Thank you for your help. I will still look into the 32k expansion as I plan to get a finalgrom at some point but less hurry now.
  10. Looks like I'm going to need one of these expansion ports. I assumed my Q*Bert cart was faulty as wouldn't get further than the player select screen, only just discovered it requires the expansion. Have Frogger on the way too and I think that also requires it. The funny thing is I had those games on my original system as a kid, I guess we must have had the official expansion add-on which I certainly didn't remember but definitely played those games to death on the 99. Very long shot as I don't think there are many members here from my neck of the woods, but does anyone know of any sellers within the UK? Also seeing as unlike most on here I have zero soldering experience, do they all have the option of using a USB cable as the power source or is that only fitted by certain makers? I do use the Speech Synth and would prefer not to have to open that up and risk damaging it trying to route the power from it. Thanks all from your resident noobie.
  11. Very well said, tbh I'm thankfully nowhere near the perfectionist I always used to be. I would have obsessed over details like this but I've already accepted this as a quirk now. I'm feeling I could be on a slippery slope already here.
  12. Wow that is super helpful, thank you so much for taking the time and sharing those images. Makes me feel a little better tbh. Think I need to just accept it which I am already, been playing Parsec for an hour tonight and that looks beautiful and I'm loving the speech synthesizer which I always wanted as a kid but never got to owning, adds so much to some of the games. Thanks again guys, great responses.
  13. Some superb setups shared here, really enjoyed going through. Only just set mine up, I had the TI99 as a kid when they first released and it took over from the classic Grandstand 2000. Recently rebought the 99 and have been loving playing these old classics again. Still alot of updating to my setup required, just fitted the shelf today so it's coming along already. So happy to find a nice TI99 community here, I'm just a big standard user I'm afraid, used to program in the games from the books as a kid but that was as far as it went for me. My knowledge is about the same level now as it was back then.
  14. Makes sense, I tried it on the downstairs TV, image was horrible on that one(just aswell I bought this screen special) but it did show the same way slightly off centre. Maybe I'll get one of those new Scart cables I believe somebody on here was making in the future. Thanks both for your replies.
  15. Oh I wonder, it's the official scart cable rather than an adaptor. Maybe there's an issue with the cable. Either way I guess I'll just have to live with it. Might try on the downstairs TV later to see if that's the same.
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