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  1. Haha, think I'm done now, been playing it alot and never manged to get anywhere near my to score again.
  2. Bugger, I got so close but knew you'd get me in the end, haha. Well played.
  3. Joystick for me, I can't get on with keyboard any more these days. I've tried plenty since my last high score but can't get anywhere near it, guess I just can't recapture the frustrations of that loss to drive me on😄
  4. I don't blame you mate, if it had gone the other way I wouldn't have had that score, or any score tbh, would be still celebrating! Congrats buddy, your team were superb throughout and deserved winners.
  5. This is a rare occasion I really don't want a physical version😄
  6. 59500 Took out my frustration of England being knocked out at the final hurdle. It worked, feel much better after some frantic cornering on this game.
  7. Don't know how the hell I managed my best score a couple days ago, haven't managed to get anywhere near close to that since. Using the doorways is a death wish, the amount of times it brings you back out exactly where an ape is emerging.
  8. Brilliant, will look forward to seeing your video review of this one.
  9. This game is way more fun than I remembered, better stop now....
  10. I should play this one more, great little game!
  11. Hmm, I have my TI99 all packaged up ready to go off for a recap, but this looks a fun game so might have to get it back out for a quick go at this before I send it away.
  12. They came with it? That's a super cool(or should I say turbo cool) bonus. Who doesn't like extra goodies?
  13. I have to be honest I can never get past those 5 little white floor mines on the third stage(J?) in the regular course, they get me every time so being able to jump straight into the action is a true blessing for me😊
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