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  1. Best wishes Popmilo. I hope someday you come back with this project. Take care.
  2. Awesome work !! I can´t wait to play it. Congrats... I found a great video in your honor.
  3. With all respect to Sid, Pokey is better for its 4 channels although the first one has more technology in mixng sounds. Anyway, Pokey rules because its sound is clearer. Pokey rules !!!
  4. Thanks for sharing. I am really happy for having the sequel of this game series. Congrats and thanks to the Legendary Simon Hunt that keeps on the classic style games alive. In his honor I found a game play to share with all of you. ReturnOfTheFungi.xex
  5. Looks very promising Bocianu. Congrats and thanks in advance !
  6. Awesome Ute ! Prox, When will be launched ??
  7. Gury... one question. Why don´t you update your web site atari 8 bit forever? Before all thanks for all the data that is there.
  8. Dear Bighmw, thanks for the files.I tried to play Galaga but the ship goes directly to screen right side. I can´t play anything. Please, could you tell me what should I press to start demo? Thanks in advance.
  9. First of all, thanks for your work NRV. One question, have you planned to finish this awesome work or launch another advanced version soon ?
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