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  1. Cool! I wonder if anyone won the car? I tried out the game. The Stacks game is tough with many rooms. Might need to be mapped out. Pretty decent effort though!
  2. Just saw this film. The plot was a bit messy, but the film is filled with easter eggs. In fact, it IS about the hunt for easter eggs. I was surprised to see the 2600 play such a big role in the finale, but once I saw that they were playing Adventure, I quickly guessed how the film would arrive at its ending. Everyone here is a 2600 enthusiast, so you guys can probably figure it out, too!
  3. I recently gave Cannonball Clash a shot. Boy that's fun! Of course, I feel stupid losing to the bloody computer, but it's cute / fun / challenging. Ditto for Fall Down, a very great game! Space Rock is great arcade action! I was a fan of the original 2600 Asteroids, so Space Rocks is even better! I think Cubis is the best of the 2600 Tetris clones. The controls are smooth and feel the most like Tetris...but I have to play with the sound off. The music is TERRIBLE.
  4. Star Wars. A 1977 movie playing on a 1977 home video game system. Mind-blowing technical sorcery, that...!
  5. Very nice. Remains me of Boxxle on the Gameboy. I enjoy these puzzle-type games.
  6. Why be horrified? Audacity just gifted him with a very unique cartridge that no one will ever have again. If he doesn’t want it, wait a year and put it on ebay for oodles of $$.
  7. My original 2600 is across the country. I have no quick access to it, so I’m in no rush to buy Circus Convoy... yet. I will just wait until all the mad rush is subsided, then casually place my order for the standard edition.
  8. Oh yes, Fall Down! I saw the demo on youtube and tried it. What a fun game! A great example of how great gameplay trumps flashy graphics any time!
  9. Hello! I'm new to the site, but I do have an original Atari VCS 2600 and several hundred original cartridges. I'm been reading about the Harmony cartridge and definitely will get one in the near future. In the meantime, can you guys recommend some Homebrew games for me? I'll likely buy some (or all) the Champ Game carts (Galagon, wow!), but what are some other good ones? So far, my favorite Homebrews are: Pac-Man 8K (wow, would have been a smash hit back in the 80s) Donkey Kong VCS (again, very stunning!) Tower of Rubble (just the demo, but it is a lot of fun!) Stay Frosty (cute graphics, love the concept, great game) Juno First (I'm lousy at these defender-like games, but I must admit this is a very well done program) Robot City (solid stealth / action game with tanks) Toyshop Trouble (love the concept of painting toys in race against time!) Astar (very challenging puzzle game) Slide (another challenging puzzle game, simple graphics but highly effective) Ed
  10. Oooh, I like this. A puzzle game for the 2600. A great effort that shows a game doesn't need flashy graphics to be very entertaining!
  11. Adventure remains one of my favorite games, and the graphics are as rudimentary as you get can. I loved the sounds in Street Racer, also very rudimentary but fun. Too bad it was 2-player only. I spent many hours on Break-out. Basic gameplay, but very addictive
  12. I thought the Atari Donkey Kong played okay. The sound effects could have been better, but the 2 of 4 levels included were good. If you want a really good version, find the Donkey Kong VCS homebrew version. Incredible effort.
  13. I agree. Demons to Diamonds is great fun. It is nowhere near the worst games.
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