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  1. I thought that Kirkland posted that he had all the scans, he just needed time to work on cleaning them up. But in addition to the official O2 manuals that Kirkland is gathering, I'm also interested in the manuals for the homebrews that have been freely released into the community (the ones in Rene's download). If anyone can get good scans of those, I'd be willing to take a shot at working with them. (Note, I'm not as skilled as Kirkland so the work won't be as amazing, but they'd be better than nothing.)
  2. I hope you get another vacation soon, I need some more O2 reading material!
  3. Pretty fun game! I didn't see that you made this (it's well before I joined this board), but I'm glad you updated it.
  4. Magnavox Magnavox Magnavox Magnavox Magnavox Magnavox
  5. I'm hoping that this project is still going. I know that this will take a while amongst other priorities/responsibilities, so I'm patient. I appreciate the work you've put in so far. If there's something I can do (and not get in the way), I'm willing to help out where I can.
  6. Game looks good. The faster shark is tougher to avoid. I don't know why I didn't notice this before, but I can't stop seeing it now: the sharks move backwards.
  7. Fun. When I was playing, I wondered if I could shoot the shark to give me a second before a new one started chasing me. The shark was easy enough to evade not to need to be able to do this though.
  8. Made it to the level 4 boss (in v25), but a greyman got me. Score 95. Fun game so far. *Update - New high score: 170*
  9. I had the same idea. All single player games should do this.
  10. I happened to make this a couple of months ago. Smithereens! Smithereens.pdf
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