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  1. Got a good microphone at last. No more using my headset for rapping

  2. Tengen (Atari) Pac man Mrs Pac man Gauntlet (great game) RBI baseball LJN (Yes, i admit it) Jaws Afterburner Contra Super C Mario trilogy Zelda i could go on but i'll end it here
  3. Who's faster: Speedy Gonzalez or Superman?

    they each have to circle the earth 3 times and the last to reach the finish line is erased from canon

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    2. DragonGrafx-16


      Superman would just go backwards and turn back time.

    3. doctorclu


      I want to say there was a race where the Flash and Speedy Gonzalez raced.   There was this cartoon with a race between the Flash, Roadrunner, and Speedy...



      In a race, considering Speedy can, at least according to this, keep up and sometimes pass the Flash, Superman wouldn't stand a chance.

    4. GoldLeader


      Speedy wins in Style points too...I don't see Superman going, "arriba, arriba … andale, andale!"

  4. I survived Dead space 2 and 1, Didn't flinch at RE7 or the molded, Don't care for zombies and yet it is the Baby in RE8 that terrified me. That is some effective horror Capcom

  5. I'd be interested in playing a version of Commander Keen for the C64 or 128 with CGA graphics, if only as a demo. Could it be done?
  6. I'm docking a point for Re8 killing a baby and another for not using 7's inventory system

  7. Ear grating, lobe destroying, just a few synonyms to describe this horror
  8. Just got RE8 for xbox. The werewolves are insane

    Holy shit, this game is awesome. Might have to get the PC version some other way though, 79 USD for the deluxe edition and 59 USD regular

  9. First order of business:

    Go back to 1187 and plant water jugs all around Hattin


    Second order of Business:

    Place landmines near the enemy positions



  10. Just a little something i made in my spare time. it runs on an 8k PET. Ever wanted to change history? Well, now is your chance. You are sent back to July 4th 1187, moments before the battle of Hattin. The battle is predictably a disaster but you can persuade the commander to allocate water for the troops and win. Disk 1: Hattin 1187 Concerns: Water for troops Logic, Reason and Negotiation Disk 2: Acre: 1187 Concerns: Helping the poor/defense Warfare, mercy and compassion Currently still working on disk 1. Let me know what you think? Type load "Hattin",8 jerusalem.d64 Videogames don't have to be violent. This is my first "edutainment" game
  11. yes, that fire. I guess i'll just buy one i guess. Mclanienc, It's just a base 800, nothing else
  12. The PCS center in lodi burnt down (It was a program i briefly went to). I had the IT team get a mint condition 800 to allow me to teach the students programming. Would it be salvageable? yes or no? It had all the cords and stuff too this area: Person Centered Services, Inc. #3 - Lodi, CA | CareListings (I started on BASIC it was always easy to start with and i was hoping to eventually leave with it and start my collection but alas
  13. I LOVE the howling movies. So i figured, why not make a game where you explore the colony and Drago respectively. I won't be able to program this game but i can write the story for it (I have no knowledge of 68k). Most of the game would be 2D and the rest a mix of FMV and first person mystery. Basically, you would be able to either play as Marie or play as Karen White as they explore their respective locales. I would expand on certain scenes (the doctor gets an actual boss fight, the old couple becomes playable, the hikers still die but have to fight other wolves etc) and make other sections more compact (no need for the church, remove or shorten the sex scenes, skip over richard). If somebody could do the art and somebody else do the programming, I think i could bring this idea to fruition. FMV is still on the table. Not looking to make it, just a thought experiment for now.
  14. I would LOVE to see the Howling 4: The original nightmare remade with new effects. It's a great film and highly underrated but is sidelined when compared to the original. No budget to work with and the film STILL scared the piss out of me. Clive turner will forever be an asshole in my eyes for ruining a promising film. Read about it on IMDB. 

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