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  1. It's not as great as Jeff's offerings or even infocom but it's still my own work and i'm proud of making something. First releases are always buggy, this is no exception I am a beginner still, i accept that. Enjoy For those tape users, load "Insanity",8 for Disk: "Insanity",8,1 i apologize for any errors when playing. Insanity.d64 insanity.tap
  2. found a FANTASTIC retro store in Sacramento. off of J street, it is MASSIVE. every console and game you could ever think of, they even had a vic 20 cart and an actual Odyssey 2! sadly, the vic didn't work but damn i would've sold everything else just to get one. Amazing

    1. jgkspsx


      What's it called? I visit family there pretty often and it would be nice to check it out.

    2. Frozone212


      1 Up Retro Video Games


      Best place ever. and yet my mother called it "boring"

      pfft, Women

  3. 1: Commodore tried to get an 8088 processor to work on the CBM II. With modern tools and methods, could it be done today? 2: Is there any known software for the CBM II line and if so, where can i find listings or downloads thanks in advance
  4. for one: Huge I still like it but i'm considering selling it since so many games are becoming backwards compatible. trivia you didn't ask for: I can still input the god mode cheat for fellowship of the ring from memory (Yaks be black or y-a-x-b-Black button) and YAXBAY: Infinite ammo
  5. this happened to me with Battle Grounds III (A free MP game on steam) Some dude offered to pay me to say the N word, i refused and he played this clip of this woman asking for somebody to explode all over her. it was disgusting. Informed the discord server, they're looking into it. Numerous, NUMEROUS little fucking kids on COD.
  6. Played: Resident Evil 7 Sniper elite 3 Jak and Daxter collection Rebel Assault I and II (save your money or get a joystick) Beaten: RE7 (Normal and easy difficulties) Sniper elite 3 (and DLC) on Cadet Castlevania (NES) Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy (Fuck you fisherman) Doom 2016 (Nearly) Doom Eternal Rebel assault II (thank god for cheats) LOTR Two Towers (PS2) LOTR Fellowship of the rings (Xbox) LOTR ROTK (Ps2) DOOM (Classic) DOOM TNT Evilution (ITYTD mode) DOOM Plutonium (ITYTD) DOOM 3 DOOM 3 ROE Star Wars Episode 1 Star Wars Battle for Naboo Lego Star Wars TCS COD1 CODUO COD2 COD3 COD4 MW2 MW3 WWII IW AW (all achievements on xbox, veteran was a bitch to get) Black ops (Ps3) Black ops 2 (PC, steam sharing) Black ops 3 (Get the xbox version, PC is crippled) MOH 2010 MOH WF MOHAA MOHAAS MOHAABT 007 Goldeneye 007 reloaded 007 Nightfire 007 World is Not Enough (PS1) 007 Tomorrow Never Dies (PS1) Batman Arkham Series Avatar the last Airbender (Xbox), not worth it. ignore the game, watch the series instead Spec Ops the Line RE3 Remake RE2 Remake Split Second (Highly recommend you buy it) True Crime: NY (If it can be counted as beaten) Def Jam Rapstar GH3 GH2 King Kong (xbox 360) All of these games, I own, have owned or have rented in the past/ played through steam sharing. I'm sure there are others but this should suffice for now (tried to beat Jak 2 and 3 but quit out of frustration. 2 has annoying escort missions, the tank chase and 3 has those godforsaken rings and the gun range.)
  7. Printer's are fickle machines already, it costs an arm and a leg for ink, so why on god's green earth did they OK some idiot's idea to put the main power supply in the one peripheral that might die immediately from some unforeseen accident or cataclysm that no one can predict like, oh say, Coleco going bankrupt and the machine dying the day beforehand. really, the issues read like a how to on ruining a child's birthday surprise. But in all seriousness, who thought this was ok. Even the zx80 didn't have this many issues
  8. Got Sniper elite 3 with all DLC. 8 missions? I feel ripped off. it was on sale for 3 dollars or so.

  9. Worm thoughts by Frozone 212


    Worms on a good day: "Hello mr ladybug, it's a wonderful day"



    Worms during The winter: "It's...c-cold- a-ah-ahh-choo!"


    Bring your pet to work day:

    Dogs: "go away!"

    Cats: "LEAVE ME THE (Bleep) ALONE!"

    Birds: "I am writing this from my bunker deep underground. it is day 44 and that damned bird is still above ground. Rations are low, i've resorted to wormism (worm cannibalism) to survive. "


    "Day 144. Rations are gone, the worms have left. I am all alone. Is there anyone alive? Is there anyone?"




    Day 1000: "I caught an ant today. It needs seasoning. I found an entire reservoir of helpless ants. I've stocked them as rations"


    Day 1,200: "I killed the bird! Clipped it's (Bleep) wings and shoved the spit through its (Bleep bleep bleep) until it (bleeeeeeep). needs salt."


    Day 1,450: "tired, cranky, haven't slept"


    Day 2000: "I am writing this to inform other worms. KILL THEM ALL! KILL THE BIRDS! KILL THE BI-"


    Day 3000: "I have gone mad. C'est La vie, Tell Mother i'm sorry"



  10. Dear Activision: I will never buy another COD game from you ever again. 


    seriously, they screwed up BO3, it's a MESS!

    1. SlidellMan


      Call of Duty has been going downhill since 2011. I think Bobby Kotick and the rest of the board of directors need to clean their ears out.

    2. MrMaddog


      Make that "will never buy ANY game..." because they got all studioes doing CoD games. :roll:

    3. Frozone212


      how many?

  11. Grahams number: A vile beast that has murdered untold calculators and PC's. 


    Graham's wife: +1

    1. Keatah


      Pretty sure the iPhone calculator handles it.. Or at least in the results, because you can only enter EE99

  12. Take contra and strip out the guns, add a confusing layout and poor design choices (I.E enemies respawn offscreen, no actual Metal Gear boss) make your character super weak to bullets and slap a $9.99 label on it. You have just made Metal Gear for NES I kinda like Snake's revenge though, even if it is a tad difficult
  13. Forth is a curiosity at best for me. No line numbers, non standard syntax. Does it pose a problem for anyone else or is it just me that has an issue with it?


    BTW, were any games made for the Jupiter Ace? If so, does github have any source code or listings of them?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Frozone212


      any listings though?

    3. carlsson


      I haven't checked for dumps but I would presume some are preserved, probably in binary form. What it takes to disassemble it into source is unknown to me, if it at all is possible.

    4. Frozone212


      that is a pity

      through sheer dumb luck, i found a site with loads of examples.


      Jupiter Ace Resource Site - Jupiter Ace listing graphic exercises (jupiter-ace.co.uk)

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