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  1. The wolf spider and daddy long legs are the clowns of the insect world: Too weak for their own good and too small to pose any threat, yet trying desperately for attention

    1. zylon


      dab of food coloring makes them Pimp-Daddy Long legs

  2. Any amstrad CPC users on this site?

    1. IntelliMission


      I think we have a few of them, myself included. Maybe we should make "The official Amstrad CPC thread" in the Classic Computing section.


      I think the three people are @roots.genoa (French), @elmer (British) and myself (Spanish). There may be more.

    2. roots.genoa


      No, even though I knew several CPC owners back in the day (including my best friend and my cousins) since it was very popular in France.

    3. Frozone212


      @IntelliMission great idea. I fully support it

  3. Got a good microphone at last. No more using my headset for rapping

  4. Who's faster: Speedy Gonzalez or Superman?

    they each have to circle the earth 3 times and the last to reach the finish line is erased from canon

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    2. DragonGrafx-16


      Superman would just go backwards and turn back time.

    3. doctorclu


      I want to say there was a race where the Flash and Speedy Gonzalez raced.   There was this cartoon with a race between the Flash, Roadrunner, and Speedy...



      In a race, considering Speedy can, at least according to this, keep up and sometimes pass the Flash, Superman wouldn't stand a chance.

    4. GoldLeader


      Speedy wins in Style points too...I don't see Superman going, "arriba, arriba … andale, andale!"

  5. I survived Dead space 2 and 1, Didn't flinch at RE7 or the molded, Don't care for zombies and yet it is the Baby in RE8 that terrified me. That is some effective horror Capcom

  6. I'm docking a point for Re8 killing a baby and another for not using 7's inventory system

  7. Just got RE8 for xbox. The werewolves are insane

    Holy shit, this game is awesome. Might have to get the PC version some other way though, 79 USD for the deluxe edition and 59 USD regular

  8. First order of business:

    Go back to 1187 and plant water jugs all around Hattin


    Second order of Business:

    Place landmines near the enemy positions



  9. I would LOVE to see the Howling 4: The original nightmare remade with new effects. It's a great film and highly underrated but is sidelined when compared to the original. No budget to work with and the film STILL scared the piss out of me. Clive turner will forever be an asshole in my eyes for ruining a promising film. Read about it on IMDB. 

  10. Kill dragon


    With what? your bare hands




    Observe:Skyrim - Alduin Killed In One-Hit Legit! - YouTube

    1. DragonGrafx-16
    2. Frozone212


      too overt?

    3. DragonGrafx-16




      Oh there's a video and it's Alduin? Go ahead and kill him... he gives dragons a bad name.

  11. Manic miner on the c64 is impossible. Did they even playtest it?


    maybe i'm being rude but i can't...i can't play it anymore.

    1. Tickled_Pink


      It was always a really challenging game. Used to play it on a friend's Spectrum ... on the squishy keyboard. I probably only ever made it to the third room.

      Some help? Manic Miner Longplay (C64)

    2. Frozone212


      had to cheat. jesus

  12. How did the internet cross the sea. Why it's so simple: They hopped aboard the Data bus

    1. bluejay


      Last time I checked, buses sank when they were dunked into the sea. 

    2. Frozone212


      ah, but this one was a magic school bus

  13. Just got a dell USB disk drive. Recommended games (in box) to start my collection? i'm am looking for windows 98/95 to XP


    I already have:

    Republic commando (steam)

    Space quest collection (steam)

    Get Even (steam)

    Red Faction collection(steam)

    Misc discs from xp (those xp games in the thin cases, chess and so forth)

    pretty much the majority of my games are from steam

    i DO have: Torins passage

    Dark Age of Camelot

    Project Snowblind

    Tomb Raider Legend



    1. bluejay



    2. Frozone212


      I don't do racing. I primarily do:



      Adventure (Myst, Monkey Island, Gabriel Knight, snatcher etc)

       rts (occasionally)

  14. People say the past is great.


    People tend to forget that the past includes dial up. I remember dial up. i HATED dial up. 

    I still hate it. If i have a choice between a ZX81 and going back to Dial up, I'll take the zx81

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    2. BydoEmpire


      I like the concept of dial up - get online, do what you dial in to do, get off.  I like that it wasn't "I'll just hop online and the find things that fill up time."  I would be perfectly happy with the dial up approach.  I'm glad we don't have the per-minute rates of online services, though, that was brutal.  I don't generally like subscription fee models.

    3. BydoEmpire


      "People show me a picture of themselves and say 'this is a picture of me when I was younger.' EVERY picture of you is a picture of you when you were younger!" - Mitch Hedberg.

    4. Frozone212


      Dial up is fine as long as i don't have to hear the ear grating tone.

  15. Those that say emulation is inferior have never had to pay $70 for an SNES

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    2. bluejay


      @Frozone212 There should be plenty of imported examples on eBay, or you could import one yourself. Famicom can play American games through an adapter, or you could just get an everdrive and play NES roms on it.


      @thanatos That’s the interesting part; people complain about retro video game prices keep going up these days, but adjusted for inflation, barely any games have reached their original price when new yet. 

    3. GoldLeader


      I think I paid $150 for my SNES, in 1992 (I think).  It was used (barely) came in the box, 2 controllers, Super Mario World plus 2 football games (which I really didn't care about).

    4. GoldLeader


      OTOH,  My Analogue NT Mini Noir was $499!   Plus now I have Everdrives for lots of stuff (and lots of carts).

  16. Exmortis vs the Flood vs the Necromorphs. Who wins?

  17. If at first you don't succeed: u u d d lr lr b a


    otherwise, nuke it

    1. Kiwi


      This could lead your ship to self destruct after a few seconds after inputting this code in Gradius 3.

    2. Frozone212


      i wonder why they put that in?

    3. bluejay


      You forgot the start at the end 😁

  18. every time i try to copy an assembly listing, the listing always uses labels. I can't use labels in Vicmon or any of the commodore machines (that i know of). All i get is a question mark. So for example, i can't run this code with the labels:

    Programming in Assembly with VICMON on the VIC-20 (techtinkering.com)

    Is there a way around it? I want to learn 6502 the old way but all the source code has labels...please help

    1. bluejay


      Isn’t VICMON a monitor, not an assembler? You’ll need to translate the given assembly code into machine language and enter the program in using that. I think the tutorial link you posted teaches you the commands you will need to learn to use the monitor. 

    2. bluejay


      Aha, if I understood the article correctly, you indeed can enter in assembly code into VICMON using the .A command. However, you will need to know the memory address that each label correspond to, and replace the parts of the assembly code that refers to each label to the corresponding memory address when you are entering it into VICMON. 

  19. Finally figured out the cheats for Black ops 3 and ran gorod Krovi with God mode (don't judge me)


    That is one LONG Easter egg

    i only got halfway

  20. I was screwing around with the vic 20 and managed to get characters on the screen from screen memory! the screen is all garbled but i got it down. It's fun being an evil mastermind. i forgot the code...damn, would've been fun to show

  21. Me as an intellectual: I can learn how to program by reading books on Assembly


    My brain:(2) Patrick Star- these words make my head sad - YouTube

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    2. Frozone212


      I hate having short term memory.


      could you give an example?

    3. BydoEmpire


      Whether you're writing and assembly program on a c64, Apple 2 or Atari 8-bit, you've got (basically) the same instructions: LDA, STA, ADC, etc.  The language is the same.  How you get something on screen or out of hte speaker is totally different though.  I haven't done assembly on any of those machines in so long I don't remember, so I had to look it up quick, but for example here is a reference of gfx-related memory map on c64: https://www.chibiakumas.com/6502/c64.php

      If you store a values into $D020 you will change the background color.

      On Atari 8-bit, graphics are handled by a different chip, different processes and different memory addresses: https://www.atariarchives.org/agagd/chapter1.php


      The c64 has 8 sprites controlled by a set of memory locations specific to the VIC2 chip, the A8 has player/missile graphics (controlled by a different set of memory locations specific to the ANTIC chip), and the Apple 2 uses shape tables not sprites.


      That's the idea - you still use the same 6502 assembly instructions on each machine, but the graphics and sound chips are all very different.


      Same concept applies for any computer. Hope that helps! I'm no assembly programmer, I know enough to do simple things and debug, but I'm not the person to answer any detailed questions and I hope I didn't post anything blatantly incorrect above - I was trying to convey the idea more than details on how to program each machine.

    4. bluejay


      When attempting to program a chip like a VIC-II or SID, it’s always best to take a look at their datasheets. They describe, well, how they are programmed. What all the registers are and what they do and how to use them. They might be difficult to understand at first, but it is key to figuring out how to use the chip to do things in a computer system. 

  22. Who would win in a fight? Pickle Rick or Patrick Star (Saiyan)

    1. Rogerpoco


      Oh, mercy, not even a fair fight-Rick has a back up plan for all of his back up plans, if he can't get it done in one dimension, he'll destroy that one, until he finds one where he can win.

    2. jetset


      Patrick wins no contest, he has the orb of confusion.

  23. Which would you pick: An eternity of nothing but the best tracks by your favorite bands, an eternity of the best tv episodes ever made, or an eternity with nothing but the best food in existence?

    1. BydoEmpire


      Easily the best tracks by my favorite bands.  Too many good foods to have a "best," and I want the variety - that's important.  Even the best TV show gets old after seeing the same episode a few times, I don't really want tv or movies over and over. Music is more timeless to me.  I can still listen to and enjoy my favorite albums. I've heard Electric Ladyland 100+ times and I still hear new things.

    2. Frozone212


      yeah, me too. Endless Unleash the Archers and Nightwish? Yes please

  24. LJN never made any games. Beam Software, Acclaim, Activision, Sculptured Software Rare and Ocean ruined my childhood!


    Ocean is an odd one seeing as they put out decent ports on C64 and Spectrum. Maybe a crappy B team?

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    2. DoctorSpuds


      Acclaim has a special place in my heart for publishing Extreme-G, the only reason I bought an N64 was for that game.

    3. Lord Mushroom

      Lord Mushroom

      Rare released a game compilation called Rare Replay, and it had 7 NES games on it (plus a bunch of other games):



      Cobra Triangle

      Digger T. Rock

      R.C. Pro-Am

      R.C. Pro-Am II

      Snake Rattle´n Roll

      Solar Jetman


      I have played all those except Solar Jetman and Digger T. Rock.


      R.C. Pro-Am II is my favourite NES game, and one of my favourite games of all time. You have to play it in multiplayer, though. Preferably 4-player.

    4. Frozone212


      I'm not saying i hate LJN (Terminator 2 is somewhat decent) but i have so many bad memories of poorly licensed games on the NES that i get flashbacks every time i play on an emulator. It's to the point where i hate even the legitimately good ones like Mega man because i can't take the difficulty curve. Tetris is fine though

  25. How to pronounce Star Trek to a Star wars fan: Inferior


    i'm waiting for the rebuttal

    1. GoldLeader


      Sound it out and say it slower....(Pronounced)  Different but still good

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