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  1. LJN never made any games. Beam Software, Acclaim, Activision, Sculptured Software Rare and Ocean ruined my childhood!


    Ocean is an odd one seeing as they put out decent ports on C64 and Spectrum. Maybe a crappy B team?

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    2. DoctorSpuds


      Acclaim has a special place in my heart for publishing Extreme-G, the only reason I bought an N64 was for that game.

    3. Lord Mushroom

      Lord Mushroom

      Rare released a game compilation called Rare Replay, and it had 7 NES games on it (plus a bunch of other games):



      Cobra Triangle

      Digger T. Rock

      R.C. Pro-Am

      R.C. Pro-Am II

      Snake Rattle´n Roll

      Solar Jetman


      I have played all those except Solar Jetman and Digger T. Rock.


      R.C. Pro-Am II is my favourite NES game, and one of my favourite games of all time. You have to play it in multiplayer, though. Preferably 4-player.

    4. Frozone212


      I'm not saying i hate LJN (Terminator 2 is somewhat decent) but i have so many bad memories of poorly licensed games on the NES that i get flashbacks every time i play on an emulator. It's to the point where i hate even the legitimately good ones like Mega man because i can't take the difficulty curve. Tetris is fine though

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