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  1. I would like to visit Russia. If it weren't for COVID and my fear of flying. Is it true that Russia is colder than Minnesota?

  2. tempting tempting, but um...I read that the machine suffers from keybounce. Also, the Apple II offers multiple graphics modes. My company works with and produces stuff for color printers. I am willing to pay $79, no more no less
  3. line 68 is supposed to load tape #1 (like in the game, Derelict house footage is shown on vcr), then gosub back to the main game when done.
  4. Run it in Xpet 3.5 it is designed for the 8n or Unknown (which i assume is the original model) versions
  5. Does the latest model comply with the FCC? My town has strict regulations. I'm ready to buy
  6. 1: Commodore has had success with calculators. Their first machine is right up my alley. All in one, no need for a tv set. 2: Are you sure you're not trying to rope me into a crap offer? If i DO buy tandy, i expect a quality machine and quality software.
  7. "what about business applications. Is the support good? I work in finance and need a decent rig. Can it display color? I can just as easily buy an Apple II you know. "
  8. "no, shortwave is a fad, i'm here to buy a computer" (Nice try XD)
  9. Working on a new Commodore Pet RPG: Haven.


    It borrows a bit from Fallout new vegas but is mostly self contained. 




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    2. Frozone212


      don't know what i did. All i did was uncheck true drive, save, then recheck.


      I don't have the best luck with saving to disk. I think i'm cursed lol

    3. carlsson


      Line 14: The INPUT statement won't accept just a blank line, you need to type something.

      Line 15: The GET statement will flash by in 1/100 of a second, with practically no chance of pressing "S". Perhaps you want the opposite action, that the GET statement waits until A$ is not blank.

      Line 18: The INPUT statement needs a numeric input like pointed out before. Any letters typed in will cause ?REDO FROM START. You might want to indicate that the user should give a number 1-3.

      Line 23: The FOR loop goes from 1 to 2, then you check if the loop variable is 1 which it never can be. However it will always be 2 so it skips to line 28, meaning a bunch of PRINT statements and the DATA statements never are read. It might be just as well, because you're trying to read string data into an numeric variable that would lead to ?TYPE MISMATCH error.

      Line 39: The DIM is superfluous as I pointed out elsewhere, but as long as you only run it once it doesn't hurt.

      Line 68: You use LIST in the middle of the program. I believe that will stop execution?

      Line 179: You're missing an ending parenthesis on the TAN formula.

      Line 181: You initiate a FOR loop, followed by a numeric INPUT that will overwrite the loop variable, but since you have no NEXT, it might not matter.

      Line 204: You're missing an ending parenthesis on the formula.


      All that is strictly from a code perspective, nothing about how the gameplay is.

    4. Frozone212


      does the commodore PET have a way to print to the top right and left of the screen? There's no print at command.

  10. TIL that i hate Aim assist in Console games. Seriously, try playing Big red one on ps2 without dying, i'll wait.


    The stupid Aim assist ruins the entire damn game. I'm on Farewell to friends and on top of the audio cutting out (Crappy RCA cables), not being able to see clearly (crappy cables again) and getting shot (Bad framerate coupled with crap aim assist)

    I'm at my wits end.


    The Framerate is decent but aiming is just..ugh. Why are you slowing down my aim? I'm getting ventilated. Here's hoping somebody fixes the ps2 version down the road.

    1. ClassicGMR


      I play Fortnite on my Switch a lot (cue the boos) and I absolutely hate the aim assist. Stop moving my cursor! It's hard enough to play competitively at 30 FPS.

  11. "Well, what about Graphics, I hear the PET offers more applications and business software. Can you match it?" Lie if you have to
  12. It's 1977, I want to buy the TRS80. If i were the customer and you were the clerk, what would you do to sell me on it? Be convincing people, Channel your inner Stan Monkey Island GIF - Monkey Island Stan - Discover & Share GIFs (tenor.com)
  13. So...this is crap, but I wanted to experience how it was in the early days. that means no extra ram, no help whatsoever. anyway, i've got the first two dungeons done working on slowly improving. Practice makes perfect. anyway, enjoy. There's only one enemy and no loss condition. Still, small victories load "Dungeon",8,1 and Load "d2",8,1 dungeon.d64 d2.d64
  14. Does the sarlacc pit feel pain? What would happen if you fed it a whole bunch of industrial grade laxatives?


    Or ran over it with a tractor? Can it move or is it stationary? What if you fed it to Gravemind?

    1. thanatos


      Maybe it depends if it has a mouth or not.  Stupid remastered versions!

  15. I was never that good at math (multiplication is somewhat difficult but i can grasp algebra somewhat, addition and subtraction are fine. Money and change not so much but i'm improving). thanks for the help
  16. So many programming languages, it's easy to forget that there are other aspects to making a game like Art direction and sound design. 


    My head is stuck in the 80's-90's. Program and that's it. 

    I fear i will never be able to get a job in today's world. Any other qualifications? Um...I beat contra for NES without dying? Cue the unemployment line


  17. New upload on my channel: Star wars For C64.

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    2. Frozone212
    3. Max_Chatsworth


      What is the focus of your channel? It's interesting but pretty far afield as far as topics.   What industry/job do you work in?

    4. Frozone212


      that's private. as for me, I'm not working but I hope to eventually

  18. The commands TAN, SGN and and LOG make no sense to me from a programming perspective. What do they do and how are they implemented in commodore BASIC? What is their function for graphics or games design? Can I leave them out or are they imperative? I RTFM but i need clarification.
  19. Question for the designers: Why does the Graphic Adventure Creator need conditionals? It's a program for creating TEXT ADVENTURES! no wonder i have so much trouble. branch this, gosub there.


    I would love a programming language devoid of stress and super simple to use. and no CLI

    1. carlsson


      That is because it is engine driven, like any decent adventure game would be, rather than a text novel of PRINT statements with little interaction. E.g. you need one particular location to behave differently, open up new paths, find new items based on what you're carrying, what you already have accomplished etc.

  20. The thing is, it's genuinely not. Valve will never make 3, EVER. I just wanted to make a version we can all enjoy. I will continue to work on it. I hope to at least give some people closure on the series.
  21. I wasn't even aware that there was a re release, i'll check it out. Now if someone can fix the C64 port of VI.
  22. I have The beginning, Tape #1 and Tape #2 done on the commodore PET I want to do graphics but i'm such a crappy artist that i think its better if i don't. Anyway, would appreciate the feedback. I know it's a bunch of print's and inputs but What else am i going to do? The PET only allows for two lines of text. anyway, wish me luck tape #1.d64 tape #2.d64 re7.d64
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