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  1. 4 hours ago, IntelliMission said:

    In my case it was Hard Drivin' for the Amstrad CPC.


    You probably know that the 8 bit computer versions of the game are not good. And when you look at the ZX Spectrum version, in black and white and with a much lower framerate, you'd think that you can't get worse than that, right? Right?


    Wrong. The Commodore 64 and Amstrad CPC versions are even worse than that. The C64 version is extremely weird, the 3D graphics feel deformed. And the Amstrad CPC is a direct port of the ZX Spectrum one... which means is even slower, making it practically unplayable.


    I wish all these versions would be more similar to Race Drivin for the Game Boy.


    Hard Drivin' was included in the T.N.T compilation with Xybots, Toobin, Dragon Spirit and APB (notice how the fu***rs used arcade screenshots in the back of the box). None of those arcade ports was particularly good, but at least Xybots was a decent game (with Spectrum graphics, another speccy port) and APB and Dragon Spirit used the 16 color low res mode of the CPC. This pack was the last game I ever loaded in my machine before it (the disk drive, actually) stopped working (forever, and my dad sold it). It's really interesting, because a few years ago I downloaded the exact version of the compilation and had the same loading problems in an emulator that I had as a kid... One of the games never stopped loading for some reason (I think it was Hard' Drivin!). The Amstrad CPC disk version of the TNT compilation broke my disk drive! Damn. Thanks, Tengen/Domark.

    you know your game is bad when your disk drive commits suicide lol🤣

  2. I don't mean awful as in LJN quality either. I'm talking bad music, bad controls, crappy story etc. When i mention Awful, think Sachen or Chinese bootlegs.


    System doesn't matter, be descriptive in your posts.


    Mine was way back when, Still had hope then. Then for my birthday I was given Salt Lake 2002. The game was horrible. Keep in mind that Madden was out and so was COD2. To say i was shocked was an understatement. I hated it. I hated the controls, I hated the gameplay, It made me want to go play Jaws for NES instead (I Didn't get my own PC until 2006 or so, I Didn't even know other games for the NES even existed at the time or the names)


    Anybody else have any horror stories?

  3. Ok, so 8 confirms that Ethan was infected. One burning question nagged me the whole time:


    If you are indeed infected, why does the family still try to kill you? Jack saw you get infected. Marge (don't ask me to spell it accurately) tasted your flesh with her biting

    so she should have realistically stopped after one bite. How hard is it for Ethan to just say "ok, i'll eat the damn food?"


    Why bind his hands in the first place? What use is it to sit a dude down to dinner and then bind his wrists? So inconsiderate


    Also, (just for s&g) what if Jerry had eaten the molded food? what would happen to tom? 


  4. 12 hours ago, Leeroy ST said:

    Notification bell shouldn't even be a thing. I think it was added because incompetent staff couldn't find a way to fix the 3 week silence algorithm, or it was done intentionally. Either way it only exists because Youtube won't simply flip a switch in either case.


    (For those that dont know there was a thing where if you didn't upload a video in 3, or sometimes 2 weeks, your followers were not notified of new uploads or other updates. Which wasn't originally there and people found out about it abruptly through a leaker iirc)


    I just want to add that if you run into one of those people reminiscing of the "good old days" of dial-up and that it was "better" you have my permission to run over them with truck.

    haha, will do lol

  5. Just a little something i made in my spare time. it runs on an 8k PET.


    Ever wanted to change history? Well, now is your chance. You are sent back to July 4th 1187, moments before the battle of Hattin. 

    The battle is predictably a disaster but you can persuade the commander to allocate water for the troops and win.


    Disk 1:




    Water for troops

    Logic, Reason and Negotiation


    Disk 2:




    Helping the poor/defense

    Warfare, mercy and compassion


    Currently still working on disk 1. Let me know what you think?

    Type load "Hattin",8



    Videogames don't have to be violent. This is my first "edutainment" game

  6. The PCS center in lodi burnt down (It was a program i briefly went to). I had the IT team get a mint condition 800 to allow me to teach the students programming. Would it be salvageable? yes or no? It had all the cords and stuff too


    this area: Person Centered Services, Inc. #3 - Lodi, CA | CareListings


    (I started on BASIC it was always easy to start with and i was hoping to eventually leave with it and start my collection but alas :(

  7. I LOVE the howling movies. So i figured, why not make a game where you explore the colony and Drago respectively. I won't be able to program this game but i can write the story for it (I have no knowledge of 68k). Most of the game would be 2D and the rest a mix of FMV and first person mystery.


    Basically, you would be able to either play as Marie or play as Karen White as they explore their respective locales.


    I would expand on certain scenes (the doctor gets an actual boss fight, the old couple becomes playable, the hikers still die but have to fight other wolves etc)

    and make other sections more compact (no need for the church, remove or shorten the sex scenes, skip over richard).


    If somebody could do the art and somebody else do the programming, I think i could bring this idea to fruition. FMV is still on the table.


    Not looking to make it, just a thought experiment for now. 

  8. On 7/11/2016 at 9:04 PM, buttertweet said:

    Thought I'd start a thread for the greatest PC in the history of PC's :) I remember first seeing it in my college years...I walked into the local Radio Shack, saw the magical multimedia machine, and was spellbound. It was playing this buy-me-hug-me-take-me-home demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3PwQTvnq_UY

    It sure had me drooling, but it's hard to save up $2000 when you make $6 an hour sorting dishes in the dorm cafeteria. I sighed and went back to my pathetic 286, with Windows 3.0 and monochrome VGA.


    My college years came and went, and despite upgrading to the venerable AMD 386-40, I never really stopped thinking about the ol' Tandy Sensation. The specs are laughable now:

    - 486/25 with disabled co-processor and 4MB RAM

    - 107MB hard drive (2/3 pre-filled with junk)

    - 2400 baud modem with 4800 (!) send fax

    - the "16 million color" promise that turned out to be a sham. The video chip might have 16.7M capability in theory, but the actual palette is only 262,144, and you can only see 256 at a time. Ah, advertising.

    - 375ms CD-ROM and 12-bit (!!) sound card

    By the time I found a real paying job, the TS had long sailed off into the sunset, and I had to settle for a Packard Heck, with Megarace and the SI sports almanac (including a photo-less version of the fabulous swimsuit issue!) It just wasn't the same.


    Fast forward not a small amount of years, and zing, I'm finally able to score a couple of original Sensation CD's, fluff a few pillows in Dosbox, and test drive it at long last. It's sensational awesome! True, maybe it would have been more wow-inducing back in the day, but it really is enjoyable. There are tons of demos on the CD's, including the original store demo, and a nice little presentation on the world of multimedia. My old Packard had the edge on gaming (it came bundled with a few Microsoft entertainment pack titles, a nice touch) but the Tandy wins on pure charm and charisma. The text-to-speech program is fun to fool around with, and I've even used the unit converters to translate pounds into kilos, and Fahrenheits into Celsiususieses. I can see myself playing with all the goodies for years to come. Oh, and as for the colors...thanks to modern-day technology, it's finally a reality:




    What can I say? Sensation begins...where ordinary PC's stop!

    16M color promise? Link please

  9. this brings back really bad memories.


    Basically, your computer would connect to the internet, you'd get a busy signal and SLOWLY connect to your desired website. Sometimes it wouldn't even connect. It did the same tone every time you needed to connect.


    We didn't even have a 56k modem. It was just that cursed dial up for months until the 2000's. I HATE dial up

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