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  1. Luke210


    For stock atari with ECI it's the best option.
  2. No if You choose to emulate VBXE (maybe it's intended?).
  3. There is something wrong with monitor mode, only "amber phosphor" is working (?).
  4. Stop teasing us... just release this game already 🤤
  5. It's just good cable... lotharek's cable isn't.
  6. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/124877517861
  7. That 2nd secret is crazy, i've spend a while to figure it out
  8. Luke210


    The AVG cart support from tmp is really amazing.
  9. Wierd, PoP is working with 512kb rambo expansion (on my 800xe).
  10. Luke210


    Could You put it on Your discord too? The newest firmware i see there is BB21.
  11. No, only happened once. Weird, i know. Anyhow, the game is great, i'm loving it. I managed to get to level 8 yesterday ps. i'm playing on stock 130xe with avgcart, but i've tested it also on 800xe with sdrive and ram extension from zaxon (512 kb rambo).
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