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  1. I'm working on this with Phoboz, so hopefully these won't be too far away 👍 Once I have all the ST ports shipped this will be completed.
  2. Quick update - my week didn’t go anything like planned, so I am behind on where I want to be with putting the orders together. I’m hoping by this time tomorrow most of the hard will be done. My aim is now to get everything shipped by next Saturday. The earliest will be Thursday due to my work rota, but definitely all done by Saturday at the very latest. stay safe everyone!
  3. Update time - I am now working on packing all the orders up and getting ready to send them out. This is my one day off until Sunday, so will try and get many done as is possible. I'll probably do the same as last time and start with European/UK orders first, the the rest of the world hopefully the day after. Anyway, nearly there and thanks as always for your patience. Stay safe!
  4. Update time - Finally some concrete news. The printed materials will be ready the first week of August. Assembly will begin this coming week all things being equal, so will just have to do this around my work days. This will hopefully mean I just have to stick games in boxes the following week. Again updates as they happen. Stay safe everyone 👍
  5. Quick Update - I've still no official word from the printer, but I hope to have all printed materials by the end of next week at the latest. So I am hoping to be able to be in a position next week to at least start getting orders ready to ship. As last time I will probably split the orders in to UK/Europe first and everywhere else afterwards. Mainly due to restrictions that are still being applied in my local post office. I will update further as things progress. Cheers & stay safe! Gaz
  6. We are getting there with the re-release of Impulse X. So here are is the first picture of the White cart for the eBay auction and the 'regular' edition cart. The manual will hopefully arrive next week, and I am awaiting to hear from the printer when the Boxes are likely to be ready. I will update as things progress.
  7. When it's ready! Hopefully in 2-3 weeks time.
  8. I am very happy to announce that Impulse X will be available to buy on cartridge again in the next few weeks. We have worked with MD Games to redesign the front end of the game. You can now select whether you want to select Impulse X or Double Feature 1 from the start up menu. The game box and manual have had a redesign and the game will come on our lovely orange cartridges. To celebrate the relaunch of the game we will put the first game in a special one off white cartridge and put it on eBay. All proceeds from this auction will go to charity. More on this closer to the date. The game will be priced at £45 plus tracking and packing. Once all the printed materials have come back I will post some pictures here. Stay safe! Gaz
  9. Quick update - things are progressing nicely. Just waiting for the proofs to come back from the printer before the full production run can take place. This is usually the longest step. So will update when there is anything else to report.
  10. Check the tracking info attached to the Paypal invoice 😉
  11. Why not try out the free version? Free Uwol Will work on skunk or JagSD/GD. It's there to encourage everyone to try it and hopefully then purchase the actual game.
  12. All parcels have now been shipped. All UK & European parcels should now have their tracking info attached to the paypal invoice. I should get the paperwork for the rest of the world tomorrow, so will add the tracking info to Paypal then. Thanks again for your patience. I'm so happy this one is now done. Now to start sending invoices for Revenge Empire 👍
  13. Welcome one and all to the release announcement for the latest ST ports for the Jaguar. So ST ports season 4 opens with a bang! The games on offer this time are Arkanoid II: Revenge of Doh & The Empire Strikes Back As usual the games are priced as follows Cart only £36 Complete with box & manual £50 Red or Clear shell £5 extra per game. Please state colour when ordering. To place an order please email [email protected] with the subject Revenge Empire Please also state the country you live in and your AA handle. Please do not PM me here on AA! The closing date for pre-orders is Sunday 31st May 2020. If you have missed out on any of the previous releases including the fantastic Star Wars they are still available and can be shipped with your order. Cheers Gaz
  14. Update - All UK and European orders have been shipped. I will get the tracking information tomorrow when I drop off the the rest of the world orders. Glad we finally got there. Thanks again for your patience.
  15. That's why everything is being sent tracked, they seem to be getting through, whereas ordinary post seems to have more issues.
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