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  1. All packed up and ready for posting. Tracking info will probably be put on PayPal on Tuesday.
  2. Hi Guys, I am slowly making progress getting everything ready to ship. With my shift pattern as it is currently I have decided to get everything done in one bash, rather than trying to do things in patches. So, my aim now is to get all orders shipped on Monday/Tuesday next week. I usually get all the tracking info the following day, so will add that when I can. I will aim for Monday, but will update once everything is done. As always your patience is appreciated. Cheers Gaz
  3. Just a quick update to say I get the game boxes tomorrow. So I hope to start working through the orders then. I don't have much free time over the next 3 weeks. So I aim to get these out to everyone as soon as I can. Cheers Gaz
  4. Quick Update The final box protoype isn't back as yet, so until that is seen to be signed off we can't move to final printing. The manual is complete just needs a final proof read before printing. So we will be waiting on the Printer to fit the boxes into the schedule before we can give a final shipping date for the game. Hopefully this will still be before the end of the month. We will soon be able to showcase what everyone will be getting. We can't wait to show you, we think you'll love it. Gaz
  5. Update time I'm finally back on dry land and ready to get these games shipped to everyone However as always seems to be the way, not everything runs to plan! The boxes did not arrive whilst I was away, so I will prepare everything as much as I can before they turn up. I usually like to ship everything together, but that is unlikely to happen with my work pattern from next week going forward. I will see where I am once I have the boxes. I will update as things progress. Sorry for the delay, but as always I hope it will be worth it in the end. Gaz
  6. Just to let everyone know we are still on schedule for an early to mid July launch. We can't wait to show you what you'll be receiving. Again if you want to reserve a copy then please email me at [email protected]
  7. Update time Well it is likely that everything will not be pulled together quick enough to be shipped before my vacation. However I do have a week off upon my return, so I am hopeful that orders will be posted out during the first week of July. I will update more if it happens before I go away.
  8. We like the white cart too, especially the back Anyway a production run of those carts would be astronomical at the moment. I am sure when the final cart is finally shown people will like what they see. So we are continuing to work on getting this out to everyone, I have had to delay ordering parts for a couple of weeks to make sure they don't arrive whilst I am out of the country. So we are probably looking at early to Mid July to ship now. The labels have now been redesigned so they are good to go. The box and manual will be ready for French & German translation hopefully next week and the parts will probably be ordered around the same time. We have added to new play tester to make sure there are no glaring issues we have missed, so everyone gets the best version of the game possible. And if anyone wants to pre-order then please send email to [email protected] and remember the more people that buy the more likely the developers will be to want to do more games for the Jaguar & isn't that what we all want??
  9. I find this if I put the boxes in when they are flat this isn't an issue. Trying to put them in when the box is with contents is a bit of a struggle. The boxes from 3.1 onward should fit no problem.
  10. Hiya, Plenty of Star wars available, drop me a PM. Cheers Gaz
  11. Here's a taster of what we're been working on. All of these are protos and are not going to be the final designs. Enjoy
  12. Just a quick update. Work is continuing on this. We should start to look at getting parts etc ordered for this in the next couple of weeks. Anyone interested in a copy please contact me at [email protected]
  13. Invoicing should be up to date now. If you haven't received one then please give me a nudge by email. Only a few days left for this one now, so if you want to order these games, then don't delay
  14. Stuff like that make me very sad. The person selling it gave me the 'big jag fan thought i'd missed out' spiel. Now on the banned list.
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