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  1. Quick update - Had a call from the printer today & my order won't be ready for at least another week 😣 That's going to put shipping back to early March probably. Hopefully, the next update will be one with better news.
  2. Marco still owns the Blue Headset. He's not posted on here in years (litoskin) is/was his handle. I had the working blue headset for 4 years and took it to a RCM meet before i sold it to Marco in 2010.
  3. Just a quick update. With my work schedule I anticipate getting the games sent out to everyone around the end of the month.
  4. Finally, I will get the box proof tomorrow, so hopefully the actual printing will take a lot less time than the proofs!
  5. Hiya, Quick update - nothing to really update. I am still awaiting the proofs from the printer. I was told they were busy, but didn't envisage things taking this long. I was hoping to get the proofs sometime this week, but that is now unlikely due to my work commitments. Hopefully, next week I will have better news. Cheers Gaz
  6. Quick update before the festive season really kicks in! I had hoped to have the box proofs signed off before the printer closed for the Christmas period, but alas this has not happened. So they don't re-open until the 6th of January, so I'm guessing it's probably going to mean no boxes until nearer the end of January. I will post info as I get it, until then Merry Christmas and a HNY to one and all.
  7. Genuine versions will always have carts that are orange, and this will be produced indefinitely. If anyone ever spots a non-orange version it will be a fake, repro or whatever you want to call it & we would appreciate them being called out to us. The games will ship on Monday, so please look out for tracking information soon after that. So happy these are finally going into the wild
  8. Just a quick update to say that all invoices have now been sent.
  9. Welcome one and all to the release announcement for the latest ST ports for the Jaguar. So for ST ports 3.4 the new games on offer this time are Mr. Heli and Ghouls & Ghosts As usual the games are priced as follows Cart only £36 Complete with box & manual £50 Red or Clear shell £5 extra per game. Please state colour when ordering. To place an order please email [email protected] with the subject Mr.Ghouls Please also state the country you live in and your AA handle. The closing date for pre-orders is Friday 13th December. If you have missed out on any of the previous releases they are still available and can be shipped with you 3.4 order. Cheers Gaz
  10. Update time! So here finally we can show everyone what they have ordered. Everything is now being put together ready for shipping in approx 2 weeks time around my stupid work life! We hope you like the special Uwol orange carts. The game will only ever be sold with this colour cartridge. Cheers Gaz
  11. Nope - that doesn't come out of Italy these days unfortunately 🙄
  12. So hopefully everyone should have either their tracking info, or confirmation of postage for the games. There are a couple that will go out next week as I ran out of packing materials. Thank you all for your patience as usual and I hope you enjoy your games
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