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  1. Thanks for that I will have to stick the game on the SD card then.
  2. Tried running my copy on my Retron 77, but nothing, any ideas? Worked fine on my mates stock 2600.
  3. Thanks for the kind words, its much appreciated. 🍻 All tracking information has now been added to the PayPal invoices. Any issues please email me at the usual address. Stay safe!! Cheers Gaz
  4. FINAL UPDATE (hopefully)! All games have now shipped. I see some UK games have landed already which is nice to see. I will try to get the tracking info on Paypal as soon as I can, hopefully later today. So for now the ST ports are done. I am taking a new job (who does that during a pandemic!) which means I will be moving to a new country (It's really not that dramatic!) What this means is that I won't be able to take my Jaguar bits and pieces with me. So, once all the orders have arrived to their destination (and any errors corrected) I will be putting any left over stock on the Etsy store. I won't be taking any more orders for ST ports old or new other than what I have in stock now. I am anticipating that this will continue for most if not all of 2021. Hopefully by the time I have everything sorted, the world will have returned to some kind of normality. Thanks to everyone who's shown an interest in the ST ports. Until we ride again - Stay safe! Cheers Gaz
  5. Time for an update! North American orders have been deposited at the post office today. I should get the paperwork for these orders on Thursday, when I will drop off the European and UK orders, then the stragglers will hopefully out by Monday. I will update again later in the week. Stay safe everyone Cheers Gaz
  6. Happy Update time Boxes have finally arrived. Packing materials have also arrived, so I will now start packing things up and will be aiming to get things posted out for the last weekend of the month. I will be updating the Etsy store soon too with the box set that are now back in stock like Tube SE, D2K proto etc. Stay safe! Cheers Gaz
  7. Yes the game works with the mouse adapter
  8. Update time Right this isn't news I wanted to drop, but the issue with the boxes has meant that a new cutting die is required, so this means the chances of getting the boxes before Xmas are now basically zero. This will also mean that it's now very likely that by the time everything is sorted the UK will no longer be part of the EU, so I am going to have to see if I need to fill in extra paperwork for all the European orders. So, if everything is delayed as I expect then everything should ship in early January. If things move unexpectedly then I will update again here. Until then, have a Merry Xmas if possible and lets all hope for a much improved 2021!
  9. Update time Well I had hoped to have everything shipped out by now, but unfortunately there was an issue with the boxes, so I still don't have them. I hope to have an update early next week. I really hope that they will be ready to go before Xmas. More info as I get it. Thanks for your patience.
  10. Quick update - I now have an ETA for the boxes which is 10th December. As these are all I'm waiting for I hope I can swiftly turn around these orders to go out on the Saturday of that week. I will update again as things proceed. Stay safe!
  11. Time for a quick update! So as usual I am waiting on printed materials! Manuals should arrive by the end of the week hopefully. The proofs for the boxes have just arrived. So I am about to sign off on those, so I am hoping for a quick turnaround on these now. Packing materials have been ordered, so once I get the printed materials it should be a quick turnaround to get everything posted out. SpideX box set will be ready to roll out too, so if you want one of these then please drop me an email [email protected] A big thanks to those that have already done so, if you haven't recieved an invoice yet I will get it sorted in the next day or so. I will also be stocking a few copies of the game too, and if you want to change your cart colour from green to black, clear or red then I can do that for you too. Jack Nicklaus Cyber Golf box set will also be good to go at the same time. These will end up on the etsy shop for anyone to grab. Again if you would like one adding to your current order then again please drop me an email. Stay safe everyone!
  12. Quick update - If you require an official SpideX box set then please drop me an email, these should be ready to ship with the ST port orders. Same deal as the Wormhole box set, it is available with or with out a new green cart so you don't have to ruin the original label. Or if you want a copy of the game boxed then I have a few of those available too, and if you'd rather have a different colour shell that too can be accommodated. Also Cyber Golf box set is also available if anyone else requires one of those. Anything not snapped up will end up in the Etsy store. Stay safe! Gaz
  13. Official Wormhole 2000 box set available to order at [email protected] SpideX box set in the works too 👍
  14. Just a quick update. Things are slowly progressing, but I can finally show a picture of the official Wormhole 2000 Box set. Now the original sticker can be your certificate of authenticity as the new label number will match that. ☺️ I will also be doing an official box set for SpideX too, along with a few copies in stock if anyone wishes to save on shipping. More as things move on. Stay safe everyone!
  15. Thanks to all who have ordered their copies. The orders are now closed, so I will aim to get these out to everyone as soon as possible. For those that ordered Wormhole box sets only, I will get those out as soon as the box lands which hopefully wont be much longer. I will update here as things progress. Stay safe!
  16. I can certainly have a look at that for you. 👍 Meanwhile the wormhole set is coming together 👍
  17. Here's a look at the label for the upcoming box set. Just waiting on the boxes now
  18. Everyone should be able to bid. I will double check to see that is the case. Thank you to everyone who has shown an interest in this game. It makes me proud to be a part of this community. Stay safe everyone!
  19. If there are any box sets you can't see on Etsy, then please let me know. There are quite a few sold out now, so I will get more run off with the boxes for these games.
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