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  1. I used this one from Amazon, I have two of the 2600 adapters, and a usb keypad set so I can select/reset/difficulty switches etc. without having to push buttons on the retron itself. Micro USB HUB Adaptor with Power,... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00LTHBCNM?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share
  2. Thank you so much for that. Is there an anticipated time frame for the next release?
  3. Thanks for the explanation. I am not sorry I attempted the pi, but I went back to the retron as I consider it a much better solution for general users (such as me). I am looking forward to the next version to hopefully fix the paddle issues I have with the current one (deadzone issue with paddles I mentioned previously.)
  4. I don’t think that is fair. The retron 77 is much improved with the Stella firmware. I didn’t even bother using it with the stock configuration. In an ideal world, a new redo (modern chips) 2600 with hdmi with a addition of a few modern features (wireless breakout box for existing controllers, for example) would be ideal, but for now the retron 77 (with community firmware) is pretty good overall. I attempted to try to make a retropi 2600, but Stella is out of date, and there doesn’t appear to be a lot of interest to keep it updated with the latest Stella version. (They appear to be on their own schedule for updates).
  5. Just be aware that he only sells one set of paddles per person, ever. I think they are great, except that I believe he glued the knob onto the paddles, which I wasn't expecting. Still, I would have loved to buy two sets (4 paddles) so everything matches, but it is what it is. It's a very very old school mail order site as well, you have to call and order as there is no internet ordering, and there is a minimum order $ amount. There is a thread or two about ordering from him here on these forums. FYI: He also has new Atari Joystick controllers, which I also recommend.
  6. I tried the OpenGL and one other (opengles2?) Anyway, the OpenGL worked better. One big key was to figure out how to knock the resolution down to 720P, once I did that it worked much better (I had it hooked to a 4k monitor.) I was under the impression that stella could choose an independent resolution in full screen mode, but I think I was wrong. Maybe it comes down to optimizations that they have produced for the R77, vs somewhat generic linux code? The macOS version uses metal, and works great, but again it is a much more powerful device than a pi. I would love some kind of iPadOS fork, (replace the crappy code masters app, that was abandoned years ago) but that's probably a bridge to far. Anyway, I will stop ranting and thank everyone for the help and developing stella, it's a good piece of software.
  7. Thanks. I would have thought the raspberry pi 4 could handle it without an issue, considering it is suppose to work with system including playstation 1 games, and with the lower spec'd pi 3. I was under the impression the pi 4 was a much better system than the retron 77, but I didn't get the skipping on that platform. I wonder if it may be overheating, even though I have have the pi in a heat sync aluminum cooling case. Very odd, but at least it gives me an avenue to double check. EDIT: I was able to play with the setting some, it looks like once I drop the resolution down to 720p I am able to play normally. I really thought it would do better (I know the resolution doesn't matter for the 2600) but I did think it would do better. Thank you so much for helping me figure out that issue.
  8. Thanks. My guess is that they just haven't bothered to update it in a while, even if you build from source. I thought I would replace the retron with a raspberry pi, but honestly right now the retron is working better.
  9. Another question. I created a new raspberry OS and put stella 6.5.3 on it. I then tried to play frogger, but I am getting a weird glitch in several games where the enemy vehicles or other object disappear. It does not do that on my macOS version, or the retron 77 version. I bet it's some kind of setting, but I am not sure. Here is a video:
  10. I just got a raspberry pi 4 to try and make a RetroPie/Stella system, but as far as I can tell, the only version of stella is 6.0.1? Is there an easy way of getting the latest version into RetroPie, or do I need to attack this via another method such as using the raspberry pi os and settings some kind of autorun command?
  11. According to the video below, Coleco used a copy of the tia chip, not a generic one. Atari losing the lawsuit was a myth, Coleco settled the lawsuit by paying Atari a royalty for every 2600 adapter sold.
  12. Thanks, I think building the fixed sd card myself is beyond me, but i will be happy to check it out the keyboard controllers in the next release and confirm. Hopefully that kernel driver mod to zero out the deadzone when using the paddles will also be incorporated in the next release, but I understand if more time is required to figure out how to incorporate that into the retron. Thanks so much for making this device much more like an easy to use HDMI 2600 for users like myself.
  13. I have done a little more troubleshooting with the keyboard controllers. Setup is simply one 2600-adapter (D9), set up in keyboard mode by pressing 0 once the usb is powered up. I am testing this using atari's codebreaker. Numbers 1/3 work normally. Number 4 brings up the command menu. Number 5 goes to the game select manual. Number 6 goes the setting menu. Number 7 pauses stella. Number 8 activates the select key. Number 9 is the reset key. The star key appears to work normally. Basically, I believe that the keypad is activating buttons that have been remapped to different part of the emulators (perhaps the buttons build into the console?) I have tried, but haven't had much luck remapping the controls. I am able to set the button assignments, but no luck so far actually getting them to stop pulling up various stella menus.
  14. Ok, new discovery (I think). I tried getting the keyboard controllers working with the R77, using both the build in ports, and the 2600-adapters. I wasn't able to get them to work either way, they just appeared dead using the retron ports, using the 2600-adapter (d9 version) a couple of buttons brought up the options menu, but they did not do anything in game (I used codebreakers, to be specific) I then fired up stella on my iMac, and it worked perfectly using the 2600-adapter. Can anyone else hook up the keyboard controllers (built in port, or the 2600-adapter) and confirm that they don't work for them either on the R77? Thanks, Rich
  15. OK. So I got the keyboard controllers working.... on macOS. Retron 77 still gives lots of problems, with they keyboard generally not responding, some keys brings up some emulator options. It looks like the adapter is working once I was able to put each of them in keyboard mode, so maybe it is a retron 77 bug? I will put a bug report over there for people much smarter than me to look into it.
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