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  1. if anyone happened to be interested in where my original plan for wanting the audio in the first place went, it went very well and I finished it. Haven't made this public yet, because it's going on a project that still needs some time to prep for. Here's an excerpt of the hardest parts. Clone Hero 2021-04-21 02-00-15-44_x264.mp4
  2. A friend of mine captured it from an emulator after we found the rom online Also, another unrelated question. Does anyone happen to know who wrote the music, or if it was just Alex Herbert? I tried reading the credits but I just can't for the life of me make anything out of it. Cool ass effects but I can't read it for shit lmao
  3. Literally just got done playing YASI on my real hardware with my in-laws, can confirm, which is also nifty as it lets me revisit level 4 to practice how terrible I am at it Also, here's what a friend of mine came to me with when asking for help with recording the menu music, for anyone else who happened to come here looking for this. song.ogg
  4. So I recently bought Vectorblade and Protector/YASI from Packrat, and immediately having a Space Invaders itch, I popped in the latter and was immediately greeted for the first time with the awesome menu music that I assume a lot here are familiar with A little backstory about myself, I'm part of the Clone Hero community (if you're unaware, I assume you've heard of the game Guitar Hero; it's a free-to-play clone of those games) and basically, what I do is I take music that I think would be fun to play, and I make it playable on the game. Immediately, I was interested in doing what I could with the menu music from Protector/YASI. I messaged the guy behind Packrat about it asking if I was allowed to have a ROM file sent to me to try to rip the music, since I just bought the game. When he got back to me though, he said that he couldn't get a hold of the original creator and was therefore (understandably so) hesitant to share a ROM file without permission. Unfortunately, this was my only lead, as I do not have a Vectrex cart reader for my PC. I would like to clarify: I am NOT asking for a free ROM of this game (I, admittedly, don't even know if Homebrew ROMs follow the same rules as officially licensed ones. A ROM would fix my predicament, but I don't wanna accidentally break rules by asking for a ROM when I'm not supposed to or something. If anyone needed me to, I could provide proof that I own the game), I am only interested in getting my hands on an acceptable-quality audio file of the menu music. I was wondering if anyone else had ever ripped this audio, or if anyone has the ROM on their PC to be able to do so for me? (Or alternatively, I don't suppose anyone here knows how to get a hold of Alex Herbert?)
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