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  1. Ended up getting a g7400 Videopac +. I am really enjoying it so far. Have to say my favorite games right now are probably Power Lords, Demon Attack, Atlantis, Killer Bees, Norseman, and Super Bee in no particular order. I ended up hooking it up to a regular old PAL antenna hook up on an LG led/lcd 1080p TV. The picture is pretty good. In the future I may look into composite modding it and running it into a retrotink but I am happy for now.


    Thanks to everyone who posted info in this thread it really helped!

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  2. I have been thinking of getting an Odyssey 2 for a long time and recently have decided to take the plunge. I have been doing some research but I wanted to ask folks who know more about the system which variant I should get. I would like a model with removable controllers. I can't decide if I would rather have the Videopac 7400 or the voice module. I understand that it is one or the other as the 7400 doesn't work with the voice.


    I have seen lists of Odyssey 2/Videopac games from multicarts and they only list a handful of games as not being compatible on both systems. Do both NTSC Odyssey 2 and PAL Videopac 7000/7400 run the same carts? I know they look different and assumedly the games would run at slightly different speeds but from what I have read it sounds like they are (with a few exceptions) compatible.


    The reason I am unsure of whether to get an Odyssey 2 or a Videopac is that I would like to be able to play Power Lords which I think was an Odyssey 2 exclusive as well as Nightmare and Super Cobra which I understand only were released for Videopac. Do I need to have one of each system to play these games or would either one play all three?


    Another question I had was if anyone connects their Odyssey 2 to a TV or monitor by HDMI or VGA using an RF demodulator, and if so what is a good demodulator to get? My current monitor has low input lag and response times so I can deal with a little lag on the conversion of the RF signal but I would like to get something as fast as possible. The other solution I have been considering is using an RF demodulator with composite out and running it into a retrotink line doubler then on to hdmi. Anyone have any idea if that kind of setup may have less lag? I have limited space for a monitor in my current set up and so I really can't just pick up an old CRT.

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