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  1. Yeah- guess they would be in production at Sunnyvale around the same time. This is a Rev. 5 heavy sixer from 77
  2. Hi, I've came across a heavy sixer (non Sears) and noticed the model number isn't cx2600, but sc450. What's the deal with this? Thanks!
  3. When I hooked it up to the LCD the static comes back on at around the 7sec mark. I could of messed up somewhere with the recap/refresh kit from console 5 (before recap it wouldnt show an image and have loud static), wasnt until I swapped out the riot chip I got picture again but that was after the recap... Anyway, here's the issue, I plan to have the system the Tim W. RGB mod installed so this issue might just be irrelevant but im unsure, thanks PXL_20210427_162643386_4.mp4
  4. Hi! I know this is an old post but I'm Adam and in the area (Charlottesville) and would also be interesting in group gaming, etc.
  5. Im interested in a good condition atari 5200 or 7800 =]
  6. Good point, I'll have to get a plastic hex from best electronics it seems, I did try it with a metal hex but didn't get far. Here are the replaced double capacitors , says, 281 on it I believe
  7. Hi! so after replacing the Riot chip i have video now! But, I am getting a constant lout static sound tried a new rf cables and already recapped and replaced the two resistors near the red coil. Any help is appreciated, thanks! video-1619016643.mp4
  8. Hi! So my atari's video output is all garbage, or sometimes none at all. I recapped the sysem and did a console5 refresh kit and no difference. Tried different rf cables and used a known working psu. Any idea guys? Maybe the Tia chip or maybe something simple? Thanks!!
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