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  1. Recently got an early 7800, serial number EP 1059, made in Taiwan (weren't these made in El Paso Texas?) With the box and manual.
  2. Adamj91

    Vectrex system

    Thanks for the advice, yeah with the force needed to pop the side out like that makes me wonder what else got damaged inside. Eh, I feel like I paid too much to have it come in this condition (400+), otherwise Id start with taking off the back, cant do anything with the chip on the screen.
  3. Adamj91

    Vectrex system

    Looking for a good shape vectrex for a decent price. I just won one on ebay but came in last night with a budging side, a small chip on the screen, and something loose inside it all due to UPS's inadequate packaging... still turns on though. Anyway, I'll going to have to return this back to get a refund back. I'm hooked on getting a vectrex now so if anyone is selling one im interested, Thanks!
  4. Does anyone know how to open up the mini din shell? I have my 3do rgb modded using this genesis bnc 9pin cable for it but has a resistor/capacitor in its head that needs to come out so the image isnt so dark. Thanks!
  5. Yeah- guess they would be in production at Sunnyvale around the same time. This is a Rev. 5 heavy sixer from 77
  6. Hi, I've came across a heavy sixer (non Sears) and noticed the model number isn't cx2600, but sc450. What's the deal with this? Thanks!
  7. When I hooked it up to the LCD the static comes back on at around the 7sec mark. I could of messed up somewhere with the recap/refresh kit from console 5 (before recap it wouldnt show an image and have loud static), wasnt until I swapped out the riot chip I got picture again but that was after the recap... Anyway, here's the issue, I plan to have the system the Tim W. RGB mod installed so this issue might just be irrelevant but im unsure, thanks PXL_20210427_162643386_4.mp4
  8. Hi! I know this is an old post but I'm Adam and in the area (Charlottesville) and would also be interesting in group gaming, etc.
  9. Im interested in a good condition atari 5200 or 7800 =]
  10. Good point, I'll have to get a plastic hex from best electronics it seems, I did try it with a metal hex but didn't get far. Here are the replaced double capacitors , says, 281 on it I believe
  11. Hi! so after replacing the Riot chip i have video now! But, I am getting a constant lout static sound tried a new rf cables and already recapped and replaced the two resistors near the red coil. Any help is appreciated, thanks! video-1619016643.mp4
  12. Hi! So my atari's video output is all garbage, or sometimes none at all. I recapped the sysem and did a console5 refresh kit and no difference. Tried different rf cables and used a known working psu. Any idea guys? Maybe the Tia chip or maybe something simple? Thanks!!
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