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  1. Sorry if this seems obvious, but I made this mistake myself so I want to ask but did you insert the *micro* SD card into the larger "card adaptor" that slots into the Phoenix?
  2. Hey quick question to those of you guys using pad-style controllers with colecovision games (whether console/emulator/phoenix)... Since all of the D-pad controllers I've seen have a "plus" (+) style pad, how do you do diagonal/8-way movement? Also, for games like pac-man, dig-dug (or even smurf where you have to push up to jump) that require quick directional changes to avoid "stopping and standing still" in between changes in direction, how well does this controller work? Basically I'm surprised that so many find and use this controller as their "preferred" way to play colecovision games as I would have thought these concerns would have been a barrier. But maybe not? I'd love to understand how your actual game-play is impacted (or not) by these issues before I buy yet-another-controller to try out and then let collect dust on the shelf... p.s. I should add that being an avid PS3/4/5 gamer I'm comfortable with a controller design that you hold with both hands and use your left thumb for directional control. However, most modern games aren't really designed for the pure 4/8-way (meaning your range of motion in most modern 3D games is continuous 360). So I'm used to using my left-thumb for directional control... just not to play pac-man and q-bert
  3. If I were you I'd also reach out to whoever lives at your old address as many of these were actually shipped a week or two back and there's no signature required... so it could easily find its way to the doorstop of your old address.
  4. doubledown, thanks for your thorough and thoughtful responses to all of these (no doubt well trod) topics. It's probably exhausting when newbies like me start asking "all of the same questions all over again" that have already been laid to rest. But all new to me so thanks! I had remembered for the 2600 how I had to rotate the controller 45 degrees for qbert... but had *forgotten* it worked that way on colecovision too. No wonder I was having so much trouble last night Do you still make custom controllers for order or recommend a particular source? like for someone like me who might want an 8 and 4 way with right-mount stick (which seems to break with the norm)?
  5. great info! And yea, I said "ambidextrous" only because I figured it would be easier to find controller setups made that way (versus hard-right), but as you mention that could add to the size of the base making it more difficult to hold in your lap etc. (realistically how I would play). So a configuration with stick on right and buttons on left would work fine for me. Also, I see a few vintage controllers that allows them to be changed from 4 to 8 direction by a simple twist of a dial. I'm curious why many of these larger "fully featured" custom controllers don't do that... maybe the parts available today wouldn't permit a simple user-selectable change like that? (I understand that many of these custom controllers could be disassembled and the directional guides easily changed... but that's not the sort of thing you'd want to have to do "just to switch games". Also having said that... yes... the isometric games like QBert... does anyone make a controller or guide that would work that way... basically a 4-way guide that can rotate 45 degrees so that the "diagonals" now become the 4-way positions? Yeah... that would be sweet...
  6. Thanks! a local shop had a cheap ($15) 3rd party SNES controller I picked up and so was able to signal "1" and "*" and play some games last night I learned a couple of things playing DK, Smurf, Cabbage Patch Kids, PacMan collection, and QBert: * I can't use SNES style "paddle" directional controllers for these games. Just can't. * The Atari 7800 controller I got (used of course) technically may "work" but has too broad of a "dead zone" in between changing directions, such that trying to change direction with pacman or qbert actually stops the character for a moment before they move in the new direction. * The "ergo" controller I bought (also used) is MUCH better... but still did this same thing enough that you couldn't play pacman fluidly when changing directions. Was a bit challenging on qbert too. So do you guys have the recommendations (ideally new) that work well with these sorts of games? Also should mention I like to use my right hand with the joystick and left hand for the fire button... which seems uncommon with most retro joysticks I see where they mount the joystick far left and put the fire buttons far right. Any "centered" joystick options with duplicated fire buttons on left/right for dual-hand use? Not interested in something that's impossible to find... I mean a joystick I can go and buy/order up for-real thoughts??? Thanks!!
  7. I'd buy one in a heartbeat if there was a configuration with a centered joystick and duplicate buttons on the left (so I could use my right hand on the joystick and left hand for fire buttons). Any chance? And if not, any recommendation of a joystick that's "ideal" for playing games like pacman, dk, and qbert on the colecovision? (qbert needing 8 way directional)? or do many of you find having a separate 4 and 8 directional controller is best to pair up optimally by game?
  8. Just wanted to get into the thread to say that while games from the "post joystick era" work fine for me with controllers where I use my left thumb... for old fashioned "joy stick games" like 80s arcade/atari/colecovision etc, I want a real joystick that I hold in my right hand and use my left hand to hit the fire button. I find it odd that so few really cool 3rd party joysticks are produced to even allow that... rather than center the joystick with fire buttons on both sides to let users operate as they are comfortable, they put the joystick on the left and fire buttons on the right. Seems odd to me to create an "old fashioned" joystick like that without the flexibility to play vintage games as we all did (with our right hand on the joystick for right-handed people).
  9. thanks so much. Maybe I'll head out to a few local gamestops/pawnshops/goodwills and see if there a cheap controller I can use just temporarily just to be able to click "1" and "*" Thanks! p.s. yeah, no PS2 keyboard here either. would a "regular" computer keyboard work??
  10. Arrived! However, it arrived (not complaining) a few days before the delivery of the champ keypad I bought off ebay. So question for you guys... with just a regular "joystick and fire button" controller (I have an 80s ero-joystick and an atari 7800 joystick on hand)... even if just for "one button game"... is there a way to play anything before my "keypad" arrives? Or do I need the keypad just to boot up and pick a game off the the SD card? FYI I'm not interesting in joystick solutions like NES that have additional buttons that might "map" to * or # 1 etc. as I don't have them and my champ keypad is on its way (but may be another week before getting here) so I'm really asking if there's a way with the one-button + joystick style controllers while I wait (or some solution that won't cost $ and that I can have instantly while I wait for the keypad). Yes... a drive to a local goodwill to see if they have a coleco controller is a possibility if I can't stand to wait another week... thoughts? Thanks!!
  11. Rest assured I have nothing but gratitude for the dedication and hard work you've invested to help preserve and make these games available to those of us who love them. If I find any issues I'll be sure to let you know... THANKS!
  12. Thanks! Here are the ROM files that I downloaded, and they have a folder with the file already unzipped and named to conventions that they say are supported by the Phoenix (but I'll double check based on your link to be sure... thanks!)
  13. Newbie here with Phoenix in the mail... quick question... with the Phoenix is there a slot for the SD card to interface directly (to play game rom files)?... meaning we *don't* need to buy the atarimax SD game cartridge? Thanks!
  14. super excited... just waiting for the Phoenix to arrive (Washington DC US)...
  15. My Phoenix Collectorvision is on order (due to arrive any week now) and I just want to express my gratitude for all your hard work and care to preserve the legacy of these games making it possible for folks like me to experience them all over again. Can't wait for my Phoenix to arrive!!
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