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  1. Cleaning out some duplicates in my collection. Most games are CIB, a few do not have manuals. Condition ranges from very good to acceptable. Free local pickup in Raleigh, NC or buyer pays for shipping to US only. Feel free to PM me for more info. Thanks for looking. Asteroids CIB $8 Berzerk CIB $14 Circus Atari CIB $11 Combat CIB $10 Defender CIB $11 Missile Command CIB $9 Space Invaders SOLD Star Raiders CIB $14 Video Pinball CIB $11 Warlords CIB $11 Yar's Revenge CIB $14 Pele's Soccer CIB $17 cart says championship soccer Joust $10 missing instructions R/S Football CIB $6 R/S Volleyball CIB $8 Swordquest Earthworld SOLD Frogger SOLD Empire Strikes Back CIB $22 Coleco Donkey Kong CIB $17 Super Challenge Football $9 missing instructions Atlantis CIB $14 Chopper Command $10 missing instructions Grand Prix CIB $11 Kaboom CIB $17 Laser Blast SOLD River Raid SOLD Spider Fighter SOLD Stampede $12 missing instructions Tennis CIB $10
  2. Frogger 2 Montezuma's Revenge HERO Keystone Kapers Mountain King Pitfall River Raid Space Shuttle using Star Raiders Keypad Superman
  3. Aztec Challenge Bruce Lee Crossroads Great American Cross Country Road Race Gridrunner Hard Hat Mack Jumpman/Jumpman Jr Montezuma's Revenge Pitstop 2 Raid on Bungeling Bay Rambo Space Taxi Super Cycle Trolls and Tribulations Zorro
  4. ZooKeeper Sinistar Satan's Hollow Mr Do! Moon Patrol Pengo Jungle King Reactor Juno First Nibbler Anteater Tempest Space Cruiser Quantum
  5. I haven't tried this yet myself, but many people who collect pinball machines use Novus polish to restore the play fields. https://www.novuspolish.com/uses.html
  6. Could you add me to the pokey list please?
  7. In the spirit of Donkey Kong XM Donkey Kong 2 D2K Donkey Kong Remix
  8. Something along the lines of Power Play Hockey for the C-64 would be awesome. or a platformer like Turrican
  9. Black Widow Frogger Lunar Lander Major Havoc Mr. Do Moon Patrol Quantum Reactor Rush'N Attack Satan's Hollow Sinistar Tac/Scan Tempest Time Pilot 84 Zookeeper
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