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  1. Personal favorite game is Pitfall II.
  2. Well to be fair one REALLY doesn't want mercury poisoning no matter how small the amount of mercury.
  3. Funny how this just got bumped, considering the new Dune just premeired.
  4. This would totally be something Atari would of have done.
  5. So I just learnt that there was a motion-controller released for the VCS. How odd.
  6. Problem solved. Just bought a new Jr. entirely. It, of course, cost a lot less than the one I got from hock. I'm keeping the old one for parts and as a keepsake.
  7. A fighting game CAN be done on the 2600 --- i.e Kung-Fu and Double Dragon (though the quality of the latter is dubious at best). I wouldn't recommend trying it, it can be a logistical nightmare to figure out. The keyboard controller seems ideal for this, however.
  8. Hey y'all! 😀

  9. It looks like this: (another note, a problem it had earlier was inverted color. At the point the reset button didn't work but I just adjusted the ribbon circuit and it worked fine.)
  10. So, just a couple weeks ago I bought my first *real* Atari 2600 after spending years playing just Flashback models. It's a handsome black and grey American Atari Jr. model; 4 switches, small, can't fit Parker Bros. cartridges, cost $150 at my local Hock Shop. Came with a copy of Missile Command. The other day while playing Space Invaders, I spilt Chocolate Milk on the console, though it was off at the time. I let it dry and it seems to be working fine, except for one tiny detail --- the color is black and white! And it won't work no matter what I do; not changing the TV channel, not turning that little grey color switch left and right, not squeezing thr film capicators, nothing! Can someone help me?
  11. Remember that fake Stevie Wonder joke ad that was circulating the internet a while back?
  12. My Roku tv. Use a co-axle.
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