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  1. I just received my Atari Lynx Model 1 back from Jesse performing an install of a Bennvenn LCD, along with a recap and replacement of power stage components. I could not possibly have imagined the level of professionalism and customer service that he provided from start to finish throughout the mod process. He notified me immediately when he received my console, and sent preview pics of the first steps of the mod, replacing the caps and power stage components. After installing the screen, he sent and AWESOME personalized video showing the completed console in action. If you want to see the amazing degree of professional service you can expect from Jesse, see this link: Daniels Lynx 1 Demo - YouTube Today when I received the Lynx back, I was amazed with how well it was packaged. I thought that I had packaged it securely when I sent it out, but the materials he used were on a completely different level. Even the cartridge I had left in the console was removed and placed in its own pop paper bag. I could not be more satisfied with the results, process, and price for the services Jesse provided and would HIGHLY recommend him for any mods that you may need.
  2. PM'ed you about it. Thanks for replying!
  3. Hi! :) I'm located in West Virginia. I take it then that you install these?
  4. Howdy everyone! 😀 I was lucky enough to be able to pre-order a Bennvenn LCD kit for my Lynx 1 in the most recent batch, so am now on the hunt for someone to install it, as the soldering it requires is beyond my limited ability. So, I'm looking for recommendations/pricing for installers that others have used, whether they be businesses, forum members, etc. I would prefer to keep it to the United States due to the cost and time involved with international shipping. Thanks in advance for the assistance!
  5. My Lynx Model 1 has the middle third of the screen dark, so I'm looking for a replacement. The McWill and Bennvenn kits both look super nice, but I was considering keeping this Lynx stock, so was hoping someone might have a good LCD left from their own swap before I went that route. For the record, I did check with Best Electronics, and they only have LCDs for the Lynx 2, not the original model. Thanks for reading!
  6. If they don't have any NES pads I'd be interested in that. I assume that will work with two-button games? Is it for Genesis controllers or SMS and how much are you asking?
  7. @oakcitycomics, Do you still have any of those NES pads converted to 7800? If so, how much would one be shipped to 25071?
  8. Hi @oakcitycomics! Would you happen to still have one of the new Lynx LCDs? Are these for a Lynx 1 or 2? I'm looking for one for my Lynx 1.
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