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  1. Oh, I see. Thank you! I'll make note of that so I don't make that mistake in future projects.
  2. Thank you! It helped me quite a bit!
  3. Thanks for the reply! So, to answer your first question no, the tiles I'm using in "water.tmx" are a different file called, "untitled.png". I forgot to add that at first, so I added it later on. Second, I added the "restorescreen" command. Third, the banner I'm trying to plot is 128x96. I have the zip file below. The only things I haven't yet done are added the loop for "plot" and gotten "Atari dev studio" but I do plan on doing both. sw_title.zip
  4. Sorry for being ignorant, but I'm new to 7800basic. Yesterday, I wanted to try to create a program whose sole purpose is to display a title screen image. But after making the image, and then writing the code, I tried to compile it, and I got an error, and it gave me an "unresolved symbol list" This doesn't really make sense to me. None of the listed "unresolved symbols" are in the code at all, so I'm not sure why they're showing up when being compiled. Here's the code, by the way: Is there something here I'm missing? Any help would be greatly appreciated
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